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BW Blog: Casey McGuire - Theatre Is...

Photo Credit: C.Berry

I am Casey McGuire and I go to Molalla High school. I can't wait to give updates on what my troop is doing and write about my experiences with theatre! I am not a professional; the only qualifications I have is participating in shows and my love for theatre!

Theatre is my passion. It's the little things I and many others have grown to love. It's the waiting for the cast list to be posted, it's the hours of rehearsing even though you have a ton of homework, it's the feeling you get before you take your first step on stage opening night, it's the striking the set after the last show and knowing that no matter what, the shows you just performed, you will never be performed the same way again, it's an actor trying out teching for the first time or a technician trying out acting for the first time, and it's the friends we make along way. The friends that make you better and tell you what to fix so your audition will be great and so the words on the pages are brought to life. Our job is to take the words in a story and bring them to life into a live 4-Dimensional show. Theatre is an escape from the world around us, whether it be teching or acting, and this is just the surface of why we continue doing it.

Although those are just some of the reasons we love theatre, theatre also teaches us life skills that many students who don't do theatre will never learn. Theater teaches us teamwork and communication. It teaches us how to meet deadlines with the best work we can possibly do, how to memorize A LOT of information at once, how to manage school and work and still get good grades and many more. But most importantly, theatre teaches us how to set goals for ourselves and how to humbly handle our success and how to improve ourselves when we don't get the part or meet our goal.

I don't know where theatre is going to take me. I don't know if I'm going to go to college to pursue theatre or if my next show will be my last (It won't be), but what I do know is theatre has impacted my life more than any activity or hobby ever has, and I love it for everything it is. This week I ask you to please think about why you do/love theatre and how it has impacted your life. And remember we are the one thing in life we can control (you're welcome Hamilton-ies) so live every moment like it's you're last.


Casey McGuire

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