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Student Blog: Sing, Sing, Sing

Falling back in love with singing

Student Blog: Sing, Sing, Sing
Khailah Johnson at Sitzprobe
for MUNY's Footloose

Last week I had my very first voice lesson in almost a year! It's crazy to think I haven't done something that I used to do everyday that fueled me as an artist and individual for so long. When I heard the piano start to play the intro of my favorite Barbara Streisand song I got so nervous. I felt like I had been out of practice. But as soon as I started singing I felt like I was home again.

Obviously there were many obstacles I had to face like the shield covering my face and the mask that made it a bit hard to take the breaths I needed to get that note out. If this year has taught us anything it's how to adapt! You just have to use what you are given and run with it and make it work for you. The night before my voice lesson my room looked like it did freshman year which felt very familiar. Sheet music spread out EVERYWHERE, musical theatre songs playing on loop on my speaker, my book full of songs I haven't sung in ages! It was really nice to see actually.

I realized how much my voice had evolved since the last time i sang these things and also realized what songs did not fit me anymore. We grew up a lot in the past year and so did out artistry. I think it's really important now to go back in your book and get daring and adventurous! Add some pop songs, add some Ariana, add some country anything you like. Don't try to stay in this MT box anymore we are moving forward and fast!

Now this wouldn't be my blog if I didn't throw in some tips!!

My first thing I would suggest is getting used to singing with a mask! It's difficult but very possible. Now at some point this won't be necessary but for now to keep safe while also still getting to experience singing live with a pianist it's a good skill to hone in on! Get a breathable mask that allows you to take in those deep breaths and one that has a wiring around your nose so it doesn't slip. Also this will help to not create fog on that pesky face shield. There are also these contraptions that you can put inside of your mask that keep it from flying into your mouth when you're breathing in.

Student Blog: Sing, Sing, Sing
CMU MT Seniors Khailah Johnson
& Grant Reynolds
at CMU Disney Cabaret

Next, keep updating your book! I know looking at musical theatre songs right now can be underwhelming but theatre is coming back I promise! It's ok to still polish up on your rep in the meantime so you'll be ready when it's time for that audition or cabaret! Start finding songs you love to sing rather than songs you just think you sound good on. It's so much more fulfilling nowadays for the little bit you can experience this magical moment of singing live with someone to sing something you absolutely love. Now is the time to jump out of your comfort zone and try a bunch of new things. The industry is moving forward and is really favoring new modern contemporary artistry!

Start talking and working with pianists in your area or at your school to get some tracks done of songs you love. Start filming them, start posting them, sharing them , or just sing your heart out in your room.

Fall back in love with your gift. Use your talent anytime you can! The theatre is waiting for us as much as we are waiting for it. So, BE READY!

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