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Theater for the New City Presents Second Installment of OPEN 'THO SHUT

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Tune in on Saturday, November 21 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM.

Theater for the New City Presents Second Installment of OPEN 'THO SHUT

Inspired by its success November 14 of "Open 'Tho Shut," an afternoon of "walk-by theater" staged in its set shop and visible from East Tenth Street, Theater for the New City will present its second installment of the innovative presentation on Saturday, November 21 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM. The program is a succession of free, live walk-by performances in which acts are staged live in the theater's set shop for audiences of socially distanced passers-by, who watch through an open garage door on East Tenth Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. The shop was renamed "The Chopshop Theater" for this series.

The series' launch last week was part of "More Ways than Broadway's," a city-wide collection of safe and socially distanced pop-up performances to demonstrate small theaters' readiness and desperate desire to physically reopen and to counteract the perception, based on formal Broadway, that legitimate theaters can't reopen safely. The performances weer intended to demonstrate an Off-Off Broadway aesthetic that could allow smaller theaters to open safely at this time.

TNC pioneered walk-by theater in its 2020 Village Halloween Costume Ball October 31, when it reconfigured its set shop with lighting and sound to make it a venue for ten-minute plays. The effort was named "Chopshop Theater." Ten live performances were offered for revelers who might pass by on East Tenth Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues). They watched through an open garage door and were separated from the performers by a waist-high, see-through traffic barricade. Standing spaces for audience members were delineated six feet apart with chalked pumpkins on the sidewalk. Onlookers were urged to move on between performances so that the crowd would not become too large, health-wise.

TNC requires all "Open 'Tho Shut" performers to be tested before their appearances. Temperatures are taken as they arrive to perform. Hand sanitizer is provided and microphones are sanitized between performances. Masks are provided to any audience members who arrive without their own. Master of Ceremonies has a separate mic.


Lineup as of 11/16/2020

Master of Ceremonies - David F. Slone ESQ.
2:00-2:10 Cobu (Japanese all-women taiko drumming and dance troupe)
2:12-2:22 The Head Peddlers: Elizabeth Ruf and Karl Bateman (songs)
2:24-2:34 Everett Quinton, "Ode to ANTIFA!!"
2:36-2:46 Louisa Bradshaw (cabaret singer, accompanied by David Lewis)
2:48-2:52 David Lewis (songs by Kurt Weill)
2:54-3:04 Joe Bendik (Rock musician)
3:06-3:16 The Legendary Amazing Grace (songs performed by Terry Lee King, including selections from TNC's 2020 Street Theater, "Liberty or Just Us: a City Park Story")

These live performances will also be streamed live on TNC's website ( and Facebook page.

The performers' list for November 28 is in formation now. TNC hopes to continue these "Open 'Tho Shut" performances every Saturday at 2:00 PM until it gets too cold.

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