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Seize the Show Announces Spring 2021 Lineup


Seize the Show Announces Spring 2021 Lineup

Seize The Show, powered by Gamiotics, announced today their spring 2021 lineup of live performance real-time gaming experiences. Seize the Show is the only place to find live entertainment where you, the audience, get to make the decisions that determine the path of each story, as well as the ultimate outcome.

Powered by Gamiotics technology, Seize the Show nears its one-year anniversary introducing its 14th live experience this spring, and revolutionizing at-home entertainment for fans across the world. Fans plug in from all across the globe, from the USA to England to Australia, and as far away as Egypt, connecting people world-wide with their one of a kind dual-screen immersive experience.Check out what fans have to say about their Seize the Show experience:

  • Great tech, great premise, great cast, great writing. Everything you could hope for. Every moment is wildly entertaining. Can't wait for what they do next! Five stars!
  • I loved the interactivity! It's like a choose your own adventure come to life!
  • Seize the Show feels like a new era in entertainment!
  • Everyone in my family really enjoyed the show, even my two teenagers! What a fun show and a creative use of the medium. Thanks for the laughs; we had a great time!
  • A very unique and playful experience with dynamic characters that created a world fun to dive into!
  • Seize the Show is brilliant and well worth the price of admission...It's something that transcends the event and theater realms!

The spring 2021 lineup includes THREE ways to enjoy Seize the Show's catalog of extraordinary immersive, digital gameplay: Live Premiere Events, the RePlay series, and the imminent return of the mind-boggling Escape Room experience, Rubix Control.

The Seize the Show Live Premiere Events will include:

That Night at Gatsby's

Thursday 2/25 at 7pm, Friday 2/26 at 7pm, Saturday 2/27 at 7pm & pm, Thursday 3/4 at 7pm, Friday 2/5 at 7pm, Saturday 3/6 at 7pm & 9pm (All times are Eastern)

Seize the Show invites you to pop the champagne, dress to impress, and RSVP for the party of the century. Roll up to the glamorous Gatsby mansion and prepare to meet legendary characters from the iconic story live and in person. Flirt with Tom and Daisy Buchanan, gossip with George and Myrtle Wilson, raise a glass with Jordan Baker and seek out the mysterious Gatsby himself. But be careful - each interaction you have will change the course of the evening, as everyone has secrets to hide, and before the night is over, divine decadence will turn into high-stakes drama. With many twists and possible endings, no two parties will be the same, so get ready for an unforgettable night as you uncover what really happened That Night at Gatsby's.

Tickets for all performances can be purchased HERE. General Admission tickets are $12.99 for all performances. An All Access Pass is also available for $16.99, which will give you access to a week of performances of That Night at Gatsby's, plus an exclusive talkback with the cast. On sale and ticketing information for the rest of the Live Premiere experiences will be announced soon.

The Body Next Door

Thursday 3/25 at 7pm, Friday 3/6 at 7pm, Saturday 3/27 at 7pm & 9pm; Thursday 4/1 at 7pm, Friday 4/2 at 7pm, Saturday 4/3 at 7pm & 9pm (All times are Eastern)

Seize the Show welcomes you to a sunny suburban neighborhood, where neighbors bake pie, kids play in the street, dogs bark in the distance...and dead bodies are stuffed in the recycling bin. Nothing is as it seems in this murder mystery adventure, where you have to prove you haven't lost your mind...and, oh yeah, there's a murderer next door to contend with! Tickets on sale Tuesday, February 23rd.

The 99 Lives of Prince Henry Pointenclick

Thursday 4/22 at 7pm, Friday 4/23 at 7pm, Saturday 4/24 at 7pm & 9pm, Thursday 4/29 at 7pm, Friday 4/30 at 7pm, Saturday 5/1 at 7pm & 9pm (All times are Eastern)

Hey GenXers! Feeling nostalgic for the good old days? Us too! Join Seize the Show for a mythic quest through the lens of your favorite 80s and 90s adventure games. You'll guide Prince Henry Pointenclick on a perilous journey back to his kingdom, using his "extra lives" to distract dragons, confuse foes, and find your way home. But be careful not to lose all of your lives. You definitely don't want to be responsible for Prince Henry's evil uncle taking control of the kingdom, do you? Tickets on sale soon!

War of the Worlds: A Survival Game

Thursday 5/20 at 7pm, Friday 5/21 at 7pm, Saturday 5/22 at 7pm & 9pm, Thursday 5/27 at 7pm, Friday 5/28 at 7pm, Saturday 5/29 at 7pm & 9pm (All times are Eastern)

The invasion by the Martians was swift and deadly. In a matter of days, cities were razed, society as we know it destroyed, and any survivors are now hiding underground. This is the intimate story of your community. Everyone is trying to survive after the evil extraterrestrials secured their foothold on earth. Are you a boring, ordinary human content to serve your new overlords, or are you the leader who will rise during these extraordinary times and help your people find a new way of life in spite of these spaced invaders? Tickets on sale soon!

Seize the Show is thrilled to introduce the all-new RePlay series. We're bringing back our past shows to be a permanent part of the monthly lineup, featuring return performances by our intrepid cast with the same fully interactive and immersive gameplay you know and love. The Replay Series schedule includes:

RePlay: Saving Wonderland

Begins Thursday, 3/18 at 7pm ET

The 2020 No Proscenium Audience Choice Award Winner for Outstanding Achievement in Live Action Gaming is the premiere RePlay Series! In this family-friendly adventure you star as Alice, returning to a Wonderland turned upside-down. Meet all of the beloved characters from the story, and gather clues to find the White Rabbit's missing watch gears before time runs out. Tickets on sale soon for all Replay performances!

RePlay: That Night at Gatsby's
Begins Thursday, 4/8 at 7pm Eastern

RePlay: The Body Next Door
Begins Thursday, 5/6 at 7pm Eastern

RePlay: The 99 Lives of Prince Henry Pointenclick
Begins Thursday, 6/3 at 7pm Eastern

Seize the Show's live premiere run of Rubix Control is still running through Saturday, February 20th (get your tickets HERE), but the response has been so overwhelming that the show will be back by popular demand in a refreshed production that will feature brand new puzzles, one track of gameplay, and even more mischief and mayhem than you thought possible from the crew of the Rubix. Can you save them before the clock runs out? Tickets will be on-sale soon.

The schedule for Rubix Control will be as follows: Tuesday 3/9 at 7pm, Thursday 3/11 at 7pm, Friday 3/12 at 7pm, Saturday 3/13 at 7pm & 9pm; Tuesdays at 7pm: 4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, 6/1 (All times are Eastern)

Seize the Show is presented by David Carpenter, the multi-platform entertainment producer (SLAVA'S SNOWSHOW on Broadway, Puffs: Filmed live) and CEO of Gamiotics Inc.

All of Seize the Show's experiences are written by Kevin Hammonds, David Andrew Laws, Sachi Leith, Attilio Rigotti, and Jacob Thompson; produced by David Carpenter; and directed by David Carpenter and Attilio Rigotti. Caroline Prugh serves as the story editor. Attilio Rigotti serves as co-director. General Manager and Production Stage Manager is Sarah Reynolds, stage manager Kaila Hill, sound design by Ryan Milligan, original music by Ben Boecker, and projection design by Kaila Hill. Joe Tropia serves as Director of Sales and Marketing. Chris Yates serves as Chief Technology Officer.

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