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THE CAKE - Elmwood Playhouse Non Equity Auditions

Posted: June 30, 2022
Audition Location: Nyack, NY

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Auditions for "The Cake"

AUDITIONS: Monday, July 18, 2022, at 7 pm and Tuesday, July 19 at 7pm
If you cannot make these dates and times and are interested in auditioning, please contact Melinda Pinto at for a possible scheduled appointment.

CALLBACKS: Thursday, July 21st starting at 7pm by invitation only

PERFORMANCES: November 11-December 3 (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with possible Wednesdays and Thursdays)

REHEARSAL: Light schedule over the summer. Approx. 3-4 times a week post Labor Day.

Nothing would make professional baker, Della, a vivacious, Christian conservative, happier than to make the wedding cake for her late best friend’s daughter, Jen. However, Della faces a crisis of conscience when she learns that Jen is marrying a woman.


Della: Late 40’s to early 60’s, white. North Carolinian, born and raised. A religious and socially conservative woman. Warm, caring, genuine. She has known Jen since she was a child. Married to Tim, no children. A baker, she has been chosen as a contestant for the television show “The Great American Baking Show”.

Jen: Late 20’s-early 30’s, white. Born and raised in North Carolina, she now lives in NYC with her fiancée, Macy. She is kind, considerate, and enthusiastic. Brought up with traditional conservative values, she is often at odds with herself due to her newfound liberal lifestyle.

Macy: Late 20’s-early 30’s, black. Born and raised in NYC, she is progressive, smart, and outspoken. She is very much in love with her fiancée, Jen. She is impatient with Jen’s willingness to make allowances for her conservative southern friends and family.

Tim: Late 40’s-early 60’s, white. Della’s husband. He is a hard-working plumber. A traditional southern conservative, he is loving and is loved. He is not good with talking about his emotions.

Audition Details: Please be familiar with the play. Sides will be available at the audition. There will be no nudity in this production.

All roles are available. Newcomers are encouraged to auditions. Crew and other volunteers are needed for the production.

Every auditioner must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination and ID must be presented at auditions. During rehearsals, fully vaccinated performers may remove masks while rehearsing in the mainstage or studios.

Visit to read the theater’s current COVID policies and safety measures. For more information or directions, call 845-353-1313 or visit



Elmwood Playhouse is a nonprofit community theater and provides a local, intimate setting for live theatre– a place to share the stories that connect our lives. Elmwood Playhouse believes that live theatre is a unique and essential component of society. It seeks to provide opportunities for creative expression, to reflect the diverse voices of our community, to collaborate with other local organizations, and to engage our audience members now and into the future.

Elmwood Playhouse 10 Park Street, Nyack, New York 845-353-1313


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