A PASSAGE TO IRELAND - Cultural Park Theater Non Equity Auditions

Posted: January 27, 2020
Audition Location: Cape Coral, FL

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Saturday, February 29 10:00 am – 1:00 PM
Sunday, March 1 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
at the Cultural Park Theatre


This is an Open Public Casting Call for the original musical revue “A Passage to Ireland” which will be performed on stage April 24 through May 3, at the Cultural Park Theater 528 Cultural Park Blvd. in Cape Coral, Florida. A Passage to Ireland is an original musical revue which is full of warmth, humour and pathos as the story unfolds at the end of the 1850s, after Bridget Finnigan escaped from the Great Famine in Ireland as a teenager and began a new life in the north of England. She settled down to make friends at the Irish Centre and married a young cutlery worker, Arthur Eastgate. Life was good, they had two children and Arthur became the owner of his own business. But Bridget, heard the call, the little village of Old Durra in the far west of Ireland began to call to her, softly at first but it soon reached the point where she and her new family had to heed the call and this is where we pick up the story. Music, song and dance has long been the lifeblood of Ireland and that is how we follow this young family’s journey of inquiry; in word, dance and song from the Yorkshire railway station of Shefeld, through the great Port of Liverpool. Then on the Roscommon crossing the Irish Sea, the time spent in Dublin ‘in the rare auld times’ meeting up with family and childhood friends. Finally arriving at journey’s end in rural Mayo where the memories, good and bad, are suddenly all around Bridget. She finds what family and neighbours survived and stayed in Ireland, and she discovers what has happened to her childhood home. The laughter and the heartache, what is past and what is to come all melt together to display the triumph of family and the human spirit. This is Bridey’s life, this is Bridey’s story, and yet it is the story of Ireland.

A Passage to Ireland is written and directed by Patrick Shepherd who wrote and directed his first musical revue last year. That revue was called “A Wedding in Tuscany” and it was immensely popular, going on to win five Marquee Awards. Patrick has high hopes for this revue also. The casting call is open to everyone 16 years of age and older. We are also casting the role of Lucy, daughter of the Shaws, this role is open to girls aged 13 to 16. This is a cold read format audition which means you do not need to prepare a monologue in advance. You are welcome to bring an entertainment resume and headshot if you have one but they are NOT required.

All roles, as well as production volunteers, are being considered at this audition. Prepare to sing 32 bars of a song (roughly 1 ½ mins). If you are not sure what to sing then an uptempo ballad would work, or if you know any songs with an Irish connection or favor then that might be your better choice. Also, please bring some comfortable shoes as you may be asked to learn some simple steps to music.

ROLE BREAKDOWN A Passage to Ireland requires 10 men 10 women, and 3 children. (several of the ensemble members will also be dancers) the characters break down as follows: (Please note that ages are meant as those that you can realistically expect to portray on stage in make-up and costume and not what your age should necessarily be.)

Bridget Eastgate – Soprano (age mid 20s-early thirties ) hard-working and loving wife and mother. No nonsense type with an infectious smile and a good sense of humour.
Arthur Eastgate Bariton/Tenor (age mid 20s-late thirties) Bridget’s Yorkshire husband. Loving and cheerful. Always looks for the positive in things. loyal friend who dotes on his family.
Mary Wolfe – Soprano (age mid 50s-mid 60s) Bridget’s aunt in Dublin. Salt of the Earth type, very eclectic, knows everyone. Family oriented. Soft centre in a hard shell.
Padraig Wolfe – Baritone (age late 50s-late 60s) Mary’s husband. Grin and bear it type, does what needs to be done. Will do anything for you if you’re on his good side.
Moira Shaw – Sop/Alto (age late 20s-late 30s) Northern Irish ex-pat living in England. Outgoing and excitable but can become serious in the blink of an eye. Loves to be surrounded with friends.
Billy Shaw – Bar/Tenor (age late 20s-mid 40s) Moira’s English husband, friendly type. Loves to make her happy and very nervous about meeting her Irish family.
Matilda Eastgate – Alto (age mid 50s-late 60s) Arthur’s mother. Had a hard life when she was younger, a survivor of the Shefeld cholera outbreak. Loves being a grandmother.
Albert Eastgate – Bar/Tenor (age late 50s-late 60s) Matlda’s husband. Gruff exterior of a steelworker but always yields to his wife’s wishes. Observant and astute.
Sinead – Sop/Mezzo (age 18-early 30s) n Irish ex-pat and member of the Irish Centre. close friend of Bridget. Mischievous, full of fun and energy. t her best when she’s organizing social events.
James – Bar/Tenor (age 19-mid 30s) Sinead’s beau. Irish ex-pat and Irish Centre member. Crazy about Sinead but concerned she’s too carefree. Protective of her but also can loosen up and have a fun time.
Ensemble – Five males and five females (several will be featured ensemble roles);
(ages 17-early 60s) Some of the ensemble will be dancers and all will double up their roles for different scenes.
Children – Two girls and one boy;
Kate (aged 8 – 11) and Kevin (aged 6 – 8) are brother and sister and the children of Arthur and Bridget
Lucy (aged 13 – 16) is the daughter of Billy and Moira.
For additional information, you may call the theater and leave a message for the director 239-772-5862.

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