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HENDERSONVILLE THEATRE 2022 HALF-SEASON AUDITIONS - Hendersonville Theatre Non Equity Auditions

Posted: May 17, 2022
Audition Location: Hendersonville, NC

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Hendersonville Theatre is looking for local actors, singers, dancers and those interested in working behind the scenes! All roles at HT are open to anyone over 16 in the community!

No experience is necessary to audition/interview. Here are a few tips to help you understand our audition process:

Auditions and Interviews (for those interested in working behind the scenes) are held over two days, and you may choose either day to audition. Please sign up for a time slot at:

If you are unable to sign up ahead of time, we will work you in between appointments, but you may be a longer wait time.

Got a monologue and a song? Great! But if you don't, no worries. We will provide a selection of short scenes for you to choose from and a simple song to sing (like Happy Birthday).

If you have a song, please prepare 16 bars of music and bring your sheet music to the audition in the key in which you will be singing. We will provide an accompanist. No one may sing along to a CD or other recording.

Interested in working behind the scenes? Just fill out the audition form with your relevant theatre experience and come in and meet the team!

For more information visit

Show Dates and Casting Needs:
The Haunting of Hill House
October 14-30
Directed by Jonathan Forrester
Eleanor Vance: Late 20s, a troubled young woman.
Mrs. Dudley: 60s, the housekeeper and cook at Hill House.
Theodora: Late 20s, young bohemian
Dr. Montague: 50s-60s, an anthropologist with a belief in parapsychology.
Luke Sanderson: Early 30s, a rakish young man
Mrs. Montague: 50s-60s, she has little regard for her husband’s methods
Arthur Parker: 30s-50s, Mrs. Montague’s traveling companion.
*Please note that the ages are suggested

Five Carols for Christmas/JingleJacks
December 2-18
Directed by Beth Norris
Carol Ann Farrell: Tightly wound type-A housewife, Soprano
Karil "Kitty" Kitteridge: Good-natured, long-suffering seamstress, Mezzo
Queryl "Miss Q" Pomerantz: Classy double-divorcee with a razor-sharp wit, Alto
Carroll "Ling-Ling" Ling: Bubbly and naivé mother of five, Soprano
Car'l "The Noise" Noyes: Grumpy but good-hearted wisecracker, Alto.
Cousin Ray/Rae Farrell: Piano player with a raging sweet tooth and blood
sugar issues. Can be male or female. Doesn’t speak, and will only pretend to play piano.
Hank: Level-headed leader of the JingleJacks, tenor.
Thor: Sweet, straightforward hunk, bass-baritone.
Jean-Phillippe: pretty boy from Quebec, baritenor.
Garrett the Ferret: Hipster techno-geek, Irish tenor. 

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