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An Octoroon at Zella Fry Theatre


10/11/2019 - 10/19/2019


Zella Fry Theatre

1000 Morris Avenue
Union,NJ 07083

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Phone: 9087377469

An Octoroon in New Jersey

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Broadly adapted from Irish playwright Dion Boucicaults The Octoroon, a wildly popular 19th century melodrama, African American playwright Jacobs-Jenkins transgressive comedy/tragedy is a subversive mash-up of the antebellum south and 21st century cultural politics. Jacob-Jenkins dares the audience to examine racism and sexism through the lens of whiteface, blackface, and redface, with a multi-ethnic cast that is both adhering to and leaping across the lines of broad racial and sexual stereotypes.An Octoroon is for mature audiences only, regardless of ones age.

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