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Student Blog: The Necessary Songs For Your Travel Playlist

I compiled a small list of the best songs to listen to whether it’s a road trip or long flight and am so excited to share them!

Student Blog: The Necessary Songs For Your Travel Playlist

Recently, I took a trip to the West Coast for a family event and the six hour flight was perfect to catch up on schoolwork or relax in general before the craziness of the trip really kicked in. But most importantly, the long time in the air made for a great time to listen to music and of course, a trip is not complete without the best possible playlist. So, I compiled a small list of the best songs to listen to whether it's a road trip or long flight and am so excited to share them!

1. Dream- Shawn Mendes

The Canadian singer/songwriter's latest album is full of easily lovable songs, but "Dream" is special for so many reasons and perfect for a long trip. Right from the start, the song pulls you in with undeniable beautiful vocals and a dream pop melody that creates the perfect mix. Mendes captures the feeling of love and happiness throughout the entire song, but there's something about listening and thinking about the events in the near future that enhances this already amazing song. No matter what, "Dream" deserves a place on your playlist for any trip because of the indescribable feeling along with the guaranteed love you'll have after the first listen.

2. test drive- Ariana Grande

Similar to almost all of Grande's unique discography that is well loved by fans and the general public alike, "test drive," a bonus track included on the newest deluxe version of "positions," is one of the best songs to include on your playlist for a long trip. Not only does the undeniably catchy beat make you want to listen over and over again, but this song is full of good feelings matched with easily memorable lyrics. Perfect for the ride to your awaited destination or when you finally reach the end of your journey, there's no doubt about it that "test drive" is a necessity.

3. One More Weekend- Maude Latour

Keeping the good feelings going, "One More Weekend" is a must have on any playlist for a long or short distance trip. Although not many know about this indie pop hit, once you hear the first few notes, you will immediately love everything about the tune. Latour combines both meaningful lyrics with the signature pop melody that is bound to become a favorite of millions of people. Listening to this song on the flight or ride is only going to put you in a lighthearted mood and even more excited to arrive at your destination to fully enjoy your trip. Make sure to add this to your playlist!

4. Beginning Middle End- Leah Nobel

If you're a fan of cheesy rom coms, you've definitely seen the latest move in the "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" series. And if that's the case, "Beginning Middle End" probably became an immediate favorite after hearing the song throughout the film, plus seeing the plotline be incorporated into the heartfelt lyrics. So it's almost a no-brainer to include this one on the list. One listen of this song on your trip and you'll be feeling hopeful of finding love wherever you're headed and the subdued pop melody is perfect to enhance the traveling experience in so many ways.

5. Golden- Harry Styles

It's no secret that Harry Styles' music is one of a kind and captures every emotion in the most perfect and unique way. So finding "Golden", the leading track off his sophomore album "Fine Line" on this list is no surprise. The song is full of happy, upbeat melodies and feels like sunshine in music form. Although the lyrics are actually quite deep and tell their own story, many love this song for the brightness it carries and the amazing vocals Styles provides. Even if your destination isn't sunny and warm, listening to this song on the trip will automatically put you in a better mood and excited about what's ahead.

No matter where you're headed, the perfect music makes any trip that much better and memorable. Adding these five songs to your playlist will turn the long ride or flight into something fun and will define your trip for years to come.

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