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BWW Blog: How TikTok is Bringing Ratatouille: The Musical to Life

Since its creation, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps used by people of all ages and across the globe.

BWW Blog: How TikTok is Bringing Ratatouille: The Musical to Life

Since its creation, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps used by people of all ages and across the globe. From hilarious cat videos to life hacks to the well known dances that put the app on the map for many, the content is seemingly never ending thanks to the millions of users.

But one thing that no one saw coming from the genius app's easily digestible videos was a new opening in the theater world. Of course, acting challenges, singing and more have found their appropriate audiences on the platform, but over the last few months an unexpected phenomenon has been born and continues to grow. A large portion of Gen Z users on the app have started creating their own Broadway musical for Disney/Pixar's beloved Ratatouille.

Yes, you read that right. A Broadway musical for Ratatouille. Although it might sound silly, the creative and talented minds of young people on the app have quite literally brought every and all ideas to life. From potential cast lists, original songs for particular scenes in the movie, a beautifully created Playbill and more, an entire musical is being written through TikTok which is pretty amazing.

And while even the official Disney Parks TikTok has participated in the ever growing trend, there's a huge potential behind what this could mean for the future of theater. With a powerful platform that has the ability to connect millions of people all over the world, anything is possible. Add in a pandemic that is making everyone discover new hobbies or pursue their interests in any way possible and it's clear that theater is only continuing to grow in more unique ways than ever before.

With the temporary and elongated closure of theaters across the country meaning all live shows have come to halt, the need for a taste of art has been ever present. And although watching adaptations available on streaming services or listening to the original Broadway cast recordings can provide some of that happiness, it is simply not enough as proven by Ratatouille TikTok. Young people are putting their creative genius together to find joy through their favorite form of performing arts when it's needed more than ever.

Over the last few years, musical theater has been having quite the moment on social media. From the initial popularity of Hamilton which includes the recent resurgence thanks to the Disney+ film to connectedness that brought thousands together through the heartfelt story of Dear Evan Hansen, social media platforms have been the place to not only talk about Broadway musicals but bond over them too. Now without the ability to see said shows live and in-person, those same communities are using apps such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to have theater lovers do what they do best.

Create something magical and unexpected.

Ratatouille might be an odd choice in comparison to some of the other shows that have been lucky enough to take over the Broadway stage, but for much of Gen Z on TikTok, the project of writing a musical from scratch seems just fitting for a year like 2020. And not only is TikTok proving to be the right platform for such a task, but countless individuals who are stunning performers whether it be acting, singing, dancing or all three, have been discovered as well.

In one of the bleakest and most confusing years ever, it's no doubt that TikTok is reimaging what it means to be involved in theater while going remote. Going forward, no matter how COVID-19 may continue impacting live shows and theater in general, it's guaranteed that the innovative individuals on TikTok will be responsible for a lot of great ideas in the realm of musical theater and beyond for years to come.

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