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BWW Blog: A Letter to 2021

Here’s to nothing but positivity, love and joy in the new year all while hoping 2021 lives up to even the smallest expectations. ​​​​​​​

Dear 2021,

I hope you live up to our expectations. Last year was full of too much sorrow, heartbreaking moments and unexpected tragedies of loss and injustice. Everyday felt like an endless battle of trying to navigate through what seemed like a time in our lives that would change the course of everything. Each person felt the weight of 2020 differently throughout the tiring months. As the pandemic claimed more lives, the fight for social justice following several horrifying deaths within the African American community grew and the severe mental health impacts affected millions more than ever before, 2020 went down as the most unprecedented year in history.

So please be kind. We have gone through a lot in the last 366 days and the promise of a new year full of happiness, cherished moments and hope is what so many of us need. It's impossible for the negative aspects to be completely switched around only because a new year has arrived, but I think it's safe to say that we are all rooting for you to be better than the last. The lessons learned from every good and bad thing that happened in 2020 are important and only going to help us make this year even a little brighter.

But hope is on the horizon and although it's hard to see when the world still feels like it's in shambles, a new year means new opportunities and changes. The U.S. is welcoming a new President into office along with a historic Vice President. A vaccination for the COVID-19 virus is now available and being distributed to people worldwide. Certain parts of life are returning back to normal while others still adapt to the drastic differences. Maybe these aren't huge improvements, but are definitely reasons why our hope for you, 2021, is at an all time high. After everything that unfolded in the last year, we really do need a little pick me up. So we cannot ask you for anything more than goodness and light over the next twelve months.

The process of healing is definitely going to occur this year which is necessary for almost every human being and having that time is going to be crucial. So please be patient with us. Life does not look the same as it did last year and we are still learning to adjust as everyday continues to bring new changes. It will take time to return to "normal" or what will be considered regular life and that process is all 2021's responsibility. Being gentle and significantly less terrible will only be helpful to everyone and make this year better in unimaginable ways.

While saying goodbye to 2020, we are looking ahead and keeping our hearts full of love through the trying times. Although it is not guaranteed this year will erase all the pain of the last, 2021 can at least help us heal, bring new happiness and make the world a better place over time. Here's to nothing but positivity, love and joy in the new year all while hoping 2021 lives up to even the smallest expectations.

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