PLACEBO and More Set for Wildside Festival at Centaur Theatre, Now thru Jan 13

Centaur's 16th Wildside Theatre Festival jumpstarts the New Year with 10 days of sensational, cutting-edge theatre! Curated by Artistic and Executive Director, Roy Surette, the festival features a potpourri of colourful characters including the hilarious Mr. Joe in the North American premiere of Placebo; the outrageous Miss Hiccup, who has been compared to an Asian Carmen Miranda; short women in search of margaritas, meringue and men; and two culturally challenged lovebirds in a spicy, Quebec meets India, Bollywood-style comedy.

This year's Wildside also features a musical adaptation of Rosmersholm and The Master Builder all rolled into one Norwegian Folk Rocking good time, and a work-in-progress where audiences can share their thoughts on the play in development with the writer, director and actors.

"Join us for what promises to be a fantastic fun-filled festival showcasing the creative talents of four amazing and diverse Montreal women creators, a brilliant Japanese director/performer/Fringe Festival favourite and a very funny clown guy making his return to Montreal following his acclaimed international work with Cirque De Soleil. I hope you'll come to the Festival bar and meet the artists, and please stay tuned for information on additional surprise performances," says Roy Surette, Artistic and Executive Director.

See four of the six plays with an affordable Wildside Theatre Pass. They sell out fast, so get yours now!

2013 LINE-UP

North American premiere

Mr. Joe works the front desk at a pharmaceutical test clinic. He prides himself on running a smooth-running waiting room but today he's told they won't start on time - a hard pill to swallow for a guy who likes to run a tight ship. The tension mounts and his attempt to maintain control breaks down in front of a room full of people. He embarrasses himself, goes berserk and becomes extraordinarily funny, and eventually befriends the entire audience. Come and join Mr. Joe in his waiting room and witness how he deals with a day that starts out totally wrong.

Joe De Paul made his clown debut in Cirque du Soleil's Dralion in 1999. He now lives in France and performs in circuses and cabarets around the world. He is delighted to present the North American premiere of Placebo in Montreal.

Presented and written by Joe De Paul Directed by Aline Muheim Bilingual show (English and French). Suitable for adults and kids 8+

Silent, except for a tiny case of the hiccups

Yanomi Shoshinz directed and performed in My Exploding Family by Japan's Osara Soup, the Montreal FRINGE show that won Centaur's pick for the 2012 Best Production - English Theatre Award. The Tokyo comedian returns to Montreal to perform her award-winning solo piece, A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup. Shoshinz regularly performs in Japan, Canada and the United States and she has toured to Russia, Iran and several countries in Asia. She is praised at every stop for her originality and explosive energy.

Created, directed and performed by Japan's award-winning Yanomi Shoshinz Director's Award (The Capital Fringe 2012) | Best of Fest (The Winnipeg Fringe 2010)

Can you handle the spice?

What happens when a small-town Québécois meets a home-grown girl from India? Sparks fly! But there are cultural complications: Boy believes in the present, Girl in the future, and a blast from the past comes along to further complicate things. A comedy dance-theatre, Poutine Masala is a delightful story that will make you laugh and tug at your heartstrings. Trilingual (French, English and a dash of Hindi), this intercultural Bollywood-style love story features a talented cast of Québécois and Indo-Canadian actors.

Presented by Deepali Productions Story & Choreography: DeepaLi Lindblom | Script: Stéfan Cedilot | Direction: Olivier Berthiaume | Music: Mathieu Beaudet. Featuring: DeepaLi Lindblom, José Dufour, Ranjana Jha, Minoo Gundevia, Kathleen Aubert, Abhishek Kumar, Hashim Javed, Avi Bendahan, Karine Benchetrit, Catrine Demers, Francis Vincent and Marie-Hélène Dugal.

Will make your heart sing

Playwright Joanne Sarazen (of Jesus Jello and The Birth of Weza fame) and talented musician Shayne Gryn teamed up to create Nothing Ever Happens in Norway. Based on Ibsen's baddest bitches and blandest backwoods, Norway is a musical adaptation of Rosmersholm and The Master Builder all rolled into one Norwegian Folk Rocking good time. Presented by Processed Theatre, the Montreal-based independent company behind Reefer Madness, EDGES and Spelling Bee.

Written by Joanne Sarazen and Shayne Gryn | Directed by Nichole George | Musical Direction by Shayne Gryn. Featuring Carolina Alves-Bruni, George Bekiaris, Katy Breier, Mikaela Davies, Harper Duffy, Shannon Hamilton, Michael Mercer, Caitlyn Milot.

In search of margaritas, merengue and men

Two old friends go on a getaway trip together to a tropical "paradise". One, recently dumped by her husband, suffers from romantic devastation and empty nest syndrome. The other wants to plot where the next act of their lives will take them, and she has spirited her friend away for a week of margaritas, merengue and men. But an evening of partying takes an unexpected turn. A psychological and political thriller, an exploration of the light and dark within friendships and within our culture of consumption and greed, Two Short Women offers a comic, poignant and provocative evening of theatre.

Presented by Right Now! Written & Directed by Ann Lambert Performed at Women Playwrights International Conference at Sodateatern, Stockholm 2012 Featuring Debra Kirshenbaum, Laura Mitchell, Ola Wallender

Weigh in on this work-in-progress production!

When seventeen year-old Carmen sets out on a secret and dangerous mission to uncover the truth about her sister's murder, she uncovers more than she had bargained for and sets into motion a series of events with far reaching effect. Life Here After is about loss, redemption and ultimately, the truth: hiding it, discovering it, confronting it, and living with it.

Presented by Imago Theatre in collaboration with Playwrights' Workshop Montreal Written by Alexandria Haber | Directed by Micheline Chevrier. Featuring Lauryn Allman, Ana Cappelluto, Chip Chuipka, Lucinda Davis, Alain Goulem, Kira Maros, Leni Parker, Amelia Sargisson, Clare Schapiro, Rob Thomson, Emma Tibaldo and Jane Wheeler.

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