The Hit LGBT Comedy/Drama ELECTRICITY Ignites Sparks In Palm Springs At INNdulge

The Hit LGBT Comedy/Drama ELECTRICITY Ignites Sparks In Palm Springs At INNdulge

ELECTRICITY, the hit LGBT comedy/drama starring stars Terry Ray ("My Sister is So Gay") & Mel England ("Best Day Ever") sparks fly again in Palm Springs with upcoming show dates: February 26-28 & April 9-11, 2018 This very unique immersive theater experience playing inside an actual motel room at INNdulge Resort, 601 S. Grenfall Rd., Palm Springs, CA. The show beings at 7:00pm and runs 90 minutes with no intermission.
ELECTRICITY is being presented in what's called Immersive Theater. Immersive Theater puts the audience in the same space as the performers. Walls are gone between the audience, the actors, and the action.
The show is performed with an exclusive engagement at INNdulge. Each show only has 20 audience members. The experience begins in with a High School Reunion Reception in the hotel. The audience members check in to the reunion and are giving a character name. Then the audience is let into Gary and Brad's hotel room where they become a fly on the wall the play unfolds in the room.
It's a unique and unforgettable entertainment experience that will stick with you long after the evening is over. This is a limited engagement with a very limited number of tickets.
ELECTRICITY explores the journey of two gay men who hook up in a motel room after their tenth high school reunion in small town in Ohio. Gary is so closeted that he hides behind an invented a wife, and Brad is so reckless that he kills his pain with sex, drugs and alcohol because he can't see far enough into the future to believe he has one. Despite their differences, they have a connection which draws them back to that same motel room, and to each other, for every successive reunion from 1983 to 2013.
Performances are held at INNdulge Resort in PALM SPRINGS, a premier men's resort, however, the lobby and performance are separated from the resort, so the audience is open to men and women over 18 years old. Gather in the lobby 30 minutes before the show for Brad and Gary's 10th high school reunion party reception in 1983. You'll mingle with your fellow "classmates" before following Brad and Gary back to their room where the audience will have a one of a kind experience as the story unfolds around them. The path to and from the room will be private and out of view of any resort guests.
Playwright and veteran actor Ray, who plays Gary, said he wrote this play "to chronicle the journey that so many gay men who came of age in the 1970s and 1980s can readily relate to, the journey from a place where silence sometimes equaled death, to one where equality might just be a reality."
Off Broadway and award-winning indie-film actor England returns to the stage to play the party-addicted Brad. "It's always great to come home to the stage and this play is one of the most exciting I've ever worked on," England said, adding "It's so incredibly personal, and it's an honor to be working with Terry Ray so intimately with the audience right there -- it really is electric!"
Brad and Gary's story manages to be deliciously hilarious, heartbreaking and romantic all at the same time. It's surprisingly relatable--is the person you love the person you should truly be with? But the best surprise audiences have reported is how much these characters will stick with you, weeks and even months later. This experimental and groundbreaking series of engagements at INNdulge will bring an intimate number of audience members inside an actual motel room with Brad and Gary to witness their story inches from the characters in an unforgettable immersive theater experience. The evening will begin in the lobby as the audience becomes part of the high school reunion. Then, after they follow Gary and Brad back into the room, the audience will be flies on the wall as this incredible journey unfolds around them.
ELECTRICITY is produced by TMD Productions and MICHAEL DARNER, and is directed by STEVEN ROSENBAUM.
The show contains nudity.
February, Monday, 26th - 7pm
February, Tuesday, 27th - 7pm
February, Wednesday, 28th - 7pm
April, Friday, 9th - 7pm
April, Saturday, 10th - 7pm
April, Sunday, 11th - 7pm
Showcase at:
INNdulge Resort
601 S. Grenfall Rd., Palm Springs, CA.
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