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Skylight LIVE Presents Three New Events Online in Honor of Juneteenth

On demand viewing of events will be available for one week after first date of debut.

Skylight Theatre dedicates three live events commemorating Juneteenth, a holiday celebrating the emancipation of those who were enslaved in the United States. This programming will explore what "Freedom" means in today's society for Black people and other marginalized folx in the U.S.

"A Look Back/A Look Forward"

"A Look Back/A Look Forward" Monday, June 21st at 7pm: A panel of Black & Brown theatre practitioners discuss the past year's reckoning with racism while imagining an Anti-Racist & Equitable theatre community. Lee Sherman - Actor moderates. Participants include Celia Mandela Rivera - Artistic Associate of Skylight, founding member of BLKLST, Carene Rose Mekertichyan - Actress, Social Justice Artistic Associate at ISC, and Kristina Wong - Performance Artist, Elected Representative of Koreatown.

"We're Not Free, Until We're All Free"

Wednesday, June 23rd at 7pm

A panel recognizing that we all must be liberated and seeks to center other marginalized voices and identities in our theatre community. By speaking on their experiences and needs, we strive to learn and grow as a community to make theatre equitable for all. Moderated by Shaina Rosenthal - Director, Ensemble Studio Theatre LA member, Artistic Associate at Skylight Theatre. Panelists include Olivia Buntaine - Artistic Associate at Project Nongenue, Amir Levi - Actor, Singer, Activist, Sandra Mae Frank - Actress, and Diana Wyenn - Director, Writer, Choreographer


Monday, June 26th at 3pm

An exploration of discovering "What is Black Joy?" through curated performances, meditation, and setting intentions for the future.

"Freedom is a dream that seems so close and yet so far and so unattainable. The face of freedom has never looked like me, a black woman, but I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors who have fought for the freedoms that I have now and I will do the same for the generations to come. I only hope that they don't have to fight as much as I do. Our series 'Freedom' seeks to continue the journey on this path to freedom, looking at how far we've come and what we need to do to keep moving forward. Our panelists are a group of theater artists and activists who have inspired with their work and I know that they'll be an inspiration to so many other folx as well," says Tyree Marshall; event coordinator.

Skylight Live Music: Michael Teoli
Live Stream Director: Garret Crouch

On demand viewing of events will be available for one week after first date of debut. FREE with reservation:

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