Streamed play reading series now through February 22 only.

By: Feb. 02, 2021
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The full length plays of UNDER CONSTRUCTION 1 are just that...still "Under Construction." This is the result of the playwrights one year commitment to the workshop.

This is just another stage of their development and will stream on and through February 22, 2021.

The plays are:

Setting the Table

by Velina Hasu Houston

Director by Stewart J. Zully

A young Japanese immigrant becomes responsible for two Black teenagers in the Midwest when her new husband dies. Eschewed by her stepchildren and haunted by her past, she strives to come to grips with life in the US.

Cast: Shuko Akune, Merrick McCartha, Geoff Rivas, Nicole Royster, Zine Tseng, Blake Young Fountain and Kara Hume.

here comes the night

by Lisa Kenner Grissom

Directed by Diana Wyenn

When Olivia, a musician's wife and climate science advocate, invites Maggie, an old friend turned social media influencer, to spend the weekend while she has an at-home abortion, she doesn't realize that Maggie, although well-intended, is about to throw Olivia off course. And actually, these women of different generations, are about to change each other's lives - all because of a woman's right to choose. As both struggle with their decisions, they ultimately help each other in ways they hadn't expected, or imagined. What happens when a woman's right to choose becomes a litmus test for all of her life choices?

Cast: Cherish Monique Duke, Kaitlin Huwe


by Jennie Webb

Directed by Susan Diol

Jess and Bev have been together longer than either of them thought they would be. And in their respective fields of work-Climate Change and Emergency Management-things are definitely heating up, affecting them in ways they didn't see coming. "adaptation.resilience" is a play about sustaining love and navigating grief in times of extreme disruption.

Cast: Deana Barone, Emily Jerez, Carl Johnson, Natalie Llerena and Michelle Gillette

The Skeleton Flower

by Elizabeth Sampson

Directed by Christian Lebano

In The Skeleton Flower, middle-aged and divorced sisters Denise and Darla find out what a Black Beetle, a piece of jewelry, and a special flower have to do with their mom Jean, and how that knowledge will unlock the secrets of the family, rocking them all into finally growing up.

Cast: Gwenn Van Dam, Elizabeth Sampson, Stephanie Erb, Donna Simone Johnson, Michael Dempsey,Leandro Cano and Joe Hart.

The Caregiver's Guide

By Jami Brandli
Directed by Ann Hearn Tobolowsky

A family dramedy about evolving heroes, truth tellers, memory keepers and early onset Alzheimer's.

Cast: Ruman Kazi, Meeghan Holaway, Samantha Tan, Stephen Tobolowsky and Christina Carlisi.


by Aja Houston

Directed by Inger Tudor

Three sisters are the only people left in their town that has yet to be taken by a sinister, formless entity, "The Calling." Constantly living in terror and fighting for their lives, the unexpected arrival of a long-lost friend gives them hope. Will they figure out if it's false before the Calling returns to take its next victim?

Cast: Christian Telesmar, Kacie Roger, Cherish Monique Duke and Tamika Katon-Donegal.


Written and directed by Carlos Lacámara

"Life is what happens to you while you're waiting for something to happen."

Cast: Steven Porter, Arthur Hanket, Stephanie Erb, Christian Telesmar and Jacqueline Misaye.

The Play You Want

by Bernardo Cubria

Directed by Michael John Garces

Fed-up by the theatre world's desires to box him in, Mexican playwright Bernardo Cubría sarcastically pitches "Nar-Cocos" a play about drug dealers on Dia de los Muertos. Much to his surprise, The Public Theatre picks it up. With financial pressures mounting and a newborn at home, this is his chance at a commercial success. But when Scott Rudin offers him a Broadway run on the condition he further exploit his identity and the headlines, he must decide just how much he's willing to compromise in order to finally be accepted

Cast: Jorge Cordova, Chelsea Gonzalez, Lidia C. Porto, Natalie Llerena, Jonathan Nichols, Roland Ruiz, Christopher Larkin and Stewart J. Zully.


By Jennifer Maisel

Directed by Emily Chase

A woman longs to find herself in the middle of her dreaming mind. A man struggles to reconcile his past transgressions with his current life. What every day choices add up to a life together? Will Lisa and Josh ever conquer the distance between them? Can Siri's voice lead them down a path to redemption?

Cast: Josh Zuckerman and Samantha Tan.

$15 is the suggested donation for each of the play staged readings. The plays will stream on and through February 22, 2021.

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