BWW Review: YOU'RE NOT ALONE - Let Us Go, You and I

BWW Review: YOU'RE NOT ALONE - Let Us Go, You and I

The boundaries between an artist's oeuvre and life are steadily dissolving for Kim Noble. Six years on from the admissions of depression and suicidal thinking revealed in Kim Noble Will Die, this contemplation on male loneliness is nerve-wrecking. With the same gusto that disintegrates the gap between his lived and staged lives, the polite terms of theatre are thrown into chaos.

Prompted by the discovery of a dead pigeon on the pavement, Noble's crisis of meaningless existence plays out against footage of spying on his neighbours and false profiles that he communicates through online. Perhaps it's his experience as a comedian - making for a funnily odd and restrained delivery - that dares him to gutsily recruit members of the audience. One punter removes their shirt and is ushered through one of Noble's bizarre dating scenarios, another shuffles alongside him in an uncomfortable slow dance.

If there are unspoken rules about the etiquette of audience participation, they're dashed here with the same abandon Noble shows in forging his offstage relationships. But in trying to satisfy his profound attachments to strangers - his supermarket cashier; an aroused lorry drier on phone text - he reveals a Prufockian fragility dressed up in outlandish attempts to be someone he's not.

The brave degree of self-exposure will stun, and even make some uncomfortable. But the search for companionship is undoubtedly epic. To stroll out into the night with a willing participant suggests new possibilities. Because to be anything more than strangers can take a miracle.

You're Not Alone runs on Peacock Stage of the Abbey Theatre as part of Tiger Dublin Frige until 19 Sept. For more information and tickets, see the Fringe website.

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