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The Hong Kong Dance Company Announces Upcoming Performances

Package discounts for special dance season programs on or before March 31.

The Hong Kong Dance Company Announces Upcoming Performances

The Hong Kong Dance Company meets with Chinese landscape paintings and uses natural ink as the material to build a spiritual world that spans time and space with dance art. The dancer's body is a dot, a line, a touch of lushness, rhyme, rhythm, and beauty of the soul. It is fantastic and smart, and full of vitality.

The impact of global warming has expanded and polar glaciers have continued to melt. Polar bears are facing a huge crisis in their former peaceful "comfort nest", and they are almost homeless!

In 2015, the Chinese zodiac "landed in the North Pole" for the first time to rescue the polar bear BB. Friends of all ages will never forget this touching story about love and courage. This time the Arctic is in trouble, the Chinese Zodiac once again shoulders the heavy responsibility to brave the Arctic and embark on a dangerous and warm adventure. Professional dancers from the Hong Kong Dance Company, together with the children's troupe and youth troupe, and the elves and little actors, plus the heavyweight guest He Yuandong, all transform into a variety of small animals, in the shape of a ghost horse, with exquisite dance skills, through intense stimulation, The plot is hilarious and humorous, projecting sincere and moving emotions from small animals to everyone, taking everyone away from high-rise buildings in this hot summer, shouldering the responsibility of protecting the environment, and bravely rushing to the glacier to feel the beauty of nature.

From the novels of the Tang Dynasty to the operas of the Ming Dynasty, the classic Cantonese opera "The Story of the Purple Hairpin" was adapted by Hong Kong dramatist Tang Disheng. The love story of Huo Xiaoyu and Li Yi has been repetitive and unfailing. Huo Xiaoyu with different endings stands side by side on the same stage: Recognize his fate and seek shortcomings? Seeking happiness? Or is it justified?

Staring at the clone of the multiverse, falling into the myth of fate and self-determination.

Li Haining's pinnacle work "Nine Songs" will be performed again on the 30th anniversary.

Internationally renowned choreographer Li Haining, Oscar winners Tan Dun and Ye Jintian joined hands to present a ceremony that combines poetry, dance, drama and music. "Nine Songs" is inspired by the chapters in Qu Yuan's "Li Sao Fu". Through ancient rituals such as rituals of gods and witches, singing and dancing, it interprets the fusion and struggle between man and nature, life and death, reality and spirit. Over the past 30 years, "Nine Songs" has been reenacted and toured many times. This year, the Hong Kong Dance Company and Li Haining recreated the classics and reunited with the audience at the Xiqu Center for a long time. It is a great event in the dance world!

"Environment" Reflects life between breath-holding and pulse. After the wave baptism, the pure self is left. The calm body hides the ups and downs of breathing. Between mobility and struggle, we meet unexpectedly.

"A Misty Rain" The storms of the times never stop. The works reflect people's perseverance in personality and the turbulence of life in the unavoidable drift and separation under the environment of the times.

The unpretentious soil and raging fire of "Characteristic South Seas" are transformed from ashes into ceramics. The colorful glaze patterns give new life to the original monotonous porcelain, just like life is simple, but after multiple experiences, it is reborn from the fire, and the meaning is profound. The work introduces porcelain into the dance, fusion of the rich Singaporean culture, and leads you into a journey of seeking roots in Nanyang style.

The Three Kingdoms are historical moments, heroic competitions, and even more romantic numbers. There are breathtaking scenes, pleasant personalities, and more free and easy romantic feelings...

The third Nezha prince in "The Romance of the Gods"-the reincarnation of Lingzhu, the son of the Tota Heavenly King, and the true man of Taiyi. The third prince who once killed the Dragon King of the East China Sea, was later resurrected by cutting the flesh to return to the mother, cutting the bones to return to the father, and then resurrecting the flesh made of lotus and lotus roots...

There are many legends about Nezha, but who exactly is Nezha? Superior and eager to win, do nothing more, or a pure rebellious teenager? Yang Yuntao, the artistic director of the Hong Kong Dance Company, reshapes Chinese legends with modern Hong Kong vision. Observe Nezha's relationship with his parents, elders, friends, and society, and find a romantic expression for his loneliness.

Attention children and teenagers who love dancing and art!

The Hong Kong Dance Company is gathering talented talents full of creativity, self-confidence and curiosity. This summer, they will take the Dream to explore the colorful dance world, build dreams together, and fly happy! A series of fun, eager to learn, active and beautiful activities, including professional dancer training class observations, dance master classes and ingenious stage shows, etc., cultivate children's artistic seeds, imagine the infinite possibilities of the body, and share each other's growth stories .

Package discounts for special dance season programs on or before March 31. Learn more at

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