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Theaters in China Adapt to Online Performances

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Theaters in China Adapt to Online Performances

China Daily has reported that theaters in China are learning to adjust to the restrictions of social gatherings by bringing their performances online.

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Gao Xiaopan, left, founder of the Hip-hop Crosstalk Club, had previously been attracting audiences of about 200 every night. Now it's performances have moved online.

"It was all new to me, as I had rarely watched shows streamed online before I started to do it myself," he said. "But when I realized that this was a way to connect with audiences, I decided to do it every day."

He continued on to say: "It's not just me and my company facing a crisis as a result of the virus. Some of my friends, who run film and advertising companies, face the same dilemmai??pay the rent or eat first?...The sudden changes to the business made me think about my company's future. If we can survive this, I'll be all the better for it."

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