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Bunny Bunny: Gilda Radner, A Sort of Love Story

2/7/2018 - 4/1/2018
Mercury Theater Chicago
3745 North Southport Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: 773-325-1700

Bunny Bunny: Gilda Radner, A Sort of Love Story in Chicago

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Gilda Radner was one of the great comic geniuses of the 20th century. Her life-long friend and comedy writer Alan Zweibel has written this loving tribute to Gilda. Bunny Bunny is based on their curious bond, a relationship that was always emotional but never physical. Comic and heartbreaking, this play follows these two overgrown kids as they ride bumper-car lives right up to Radner’s death from ovarian cancer. Their loyalty and love glows through every scene.

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