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Asian Pop Up Cinema Announces Drive In & Streaming Season 11

22 movies, and one of the strongest lineups ever.

Asian Pop Up Cinema Announces Drive In & Streaming Season 11

Celebrating its 5th Anniversary, Asian Pop Up Cinema: Season 11 will present 22 movies and one of its strongest lineups with its first joint virtual and drive-in film festival both opening September 10 and running through October 10, 2020, with a Plus addition October 30 - 31 celebrating Halloween at the drive-in.

In addition to many North American premieres, the drive-in features seven movies with grand opening and closing night screenings, the recurring annual Mid-Autumn Festival "Movie with Mooncakes" and a screening fundraiser for the Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) benefiting the frontline healthcare workers, while celebrating Filipino American History Month.

The two drive-in screenings for Halloween weekend is a double-feature horror presentation directed by the internationally known Korean director Yeon Sang-ho, Train to Busan and its new sequel Peninsula.

Pre-recorded "Filmmakers' Talks" are included in the majority feature presentation with questionnaire provided by our virtual moderators Mark Schilling in Japan, Kevin Ma in Hong Kong and Ron Falzone in Chicago.

Fifteen international or U.S. premieres of films will be available online restricted for U.S. territory only during the festival in partnership with Festival Scope, Europe's leading online film festival platform.

The Festival's programming is selected by Sophia's Choice (aka Festival Director and Founder Sophia Wong Boccio) who went the extra mile to spotlight an exciting lineup for moviegoers during the pandemic.

"With most film festivals going completely virtual in 2020, Asian Pop-Up Cinema will host a special CDC-compliant drive-in program (in addition to streaming movies) to remind us of the fun of watching films on a big screen with a live audience. Secondly, Season 11 will include for the first time a large selection of rarely shown documentaries to nurture our audience with a strong dose of pure beauty -- both humanitarian and cinematic. And last but not least, we are truly delivering on our mission to be 'your passport to Asian Cinema' by offering you an Asian film festival to enjoy from the safety of your home base," said Sophia Wong Boccio, Founder and Executive Director.

Whether at the drive-in or online, the festival continues to deliver new and exciting cinema highlighting the best releases from top movie distributors in the Far East (and U.S).

The opening drive-in film, South Korea's Paper Flower, directed by Koh Hoon features one of Korea's most famous male actors, Ahn Sung-ki. His superb performance in Paper Flower will be honored with Season 11's Career Achievement Award. Ahn Sung-ki has prepared a special video presentation for the festival which will be shown before the drive-in screening. The international premiere of Diaspora: Arirang Road, musical documentary, about the song that has historically inspired Koreans for the last 150 years and its modern renditions.

Closing Night is the first romantic psychodrama made in Hong Kong, Beyond the Dream, where Terrance Lau earned critical acclaim for his performance and plays a recovering schizophrenic and yearns for love.

The Taiwanese selection: Spotlight in Documentaries, presents a wide-ranging selection of documentaries that reflects the versatility of filmmaking that covers humanity's connection with living creatures, the earth and each other: Water for Life, Formosan B.B. Is Coming, Whale Island, Walking Dharma and Tsunma, Tsunma: My Summer with the Female Monastics of the Himalaya.

This season's selection of films from Japan proves as eclectic as ever with a fascinating diversity of styles and themes, by emerging and established creators. The festival is thrilled to present the World Premiere of Japan's new anime film Happy-Go-Lucky Days based on the manga series by Takako Shimura; and two indie films giving intimate looks into the lives of the sex workers and the homeless people: Life: Untitled, adapted from her own stage play, Kana Yamada's directorial debut is a multi-faceted portrayal of women's lives intersecting with a Tokyo escort service; and the North American Premiere of A Dobugawa Dream, director Asato Watanabe's tale of a young man in what could be described as a substitute family in this strange, surreal world of suburban Japan. Lastly, the off-beat Life Finds A Way by director Hirobumi Watanabe will resonant with all the filmmakers having writer's block and the tension between everyday life and being a filmmaker.

Next up are three Chinese dramas where the homecoming trips find solace to some protagonists and chaos to the others. Director Zhang Xian's U.S. Premiere of Best Director, where the engaged couple are faced off with parents, in-laws, old fling and buddies' insatiable favors & demands; Huang Zi's Grand Jury Prize Winner, All About ING, where a conflicted family each have its own way to cope with the changes terminal cancer brings; and A Touch of Spring where a Canadian Chinese woman living in a chaotic marriage in Montreal looking for a place where she can truly belong back home.

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