Photo Coverage: A Night At The Operetta II at Town Hall

By: Jul. 15, 2008

A NIGHT AT THE OPERETTA on July 14th featured the sounds of Broadway music one rarely gets to hear anymore – Operetta - including music by Sigmund Romberg, Rudolph Friml and Victor Herbert.  A NIGHT AT THE OPERETTA featured Alexander Gemignani, Lisa Howard,William Michals, Jennifer Hope Wills, Christine Andreas, Bill Daugherty, Brian Charles Rooney, Karen Murphy, John Easterlin, Jason Graae and Milla Ilieva. The show featured the dance talents of Eric Sean Fogel, J. Austin Eyer, Billy Harrigan Tighe, and Ben Franklin. The show is under the direction of Dan Foster with musical direction by Fred Barton.

The song list was as follows:

Alexander Gemignani-"The Time, The Place And The Girl" From Mlle. Modiste score by Victor Herbert and book by Henry Blossom
Lisa Howard-"Your Photo" from Katinka by Friml/Harbach
William Michals-"The Gypsy Baron Song" from "The Gypsy Baron" 1885 Johan Stauss II
Jennifer Hope Wills-"To The Land of My Romance"
DUET-Christine Andreas & Bill Daugherty-"When I Grow To Old To Dream"
Brian Charles Rooney-"Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise"-Romberg, from The New Moon
Karen Murphy-"Kiss Me Again"/"If I Were on the Stage"-Victor Herbert from Mlle. Modiste
Bill Daugherty-"Indian Summer"-Originally a 1919 Victor Herbert Piano Solo, lyrics added by Al Dubin in 1939
JOHN ESTERLIN-"Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" from "The Land of Smiles" (1923, revised 1929) Music by Franz Lehar, Lyric by Victor Leon, Ludqig Herzer and Fritz Lohner

ENTRE' ACT-Performed by Fred Barton and The Night at The Operetta Orchestra
Jason Graae-"Trest Parisienne"-The Merry Widow by Franz Lehar
Milla Ilieva-"Yesterdays"-Jerome Kern/Otto Harbach from Roberta
DUET-Brian Charles Rooney & Bill Daugherty-"Only A Rose" from "The Vagabond King" (1925) Rudolf Friml, lyrics by Brian Hooker and W.H. Post
Brian sang the soprano role
DUET-Karen Murphy & ALEX GAMIGNANI-"Adrift On A Star" from "The Happiest Girl In The World" (1961) Music by Jacques Offenbach, lyric by E.Y. Harburg-music originally from "Tales of Hoffman" (1881)
William Michals-"Thine Alone"-Victor Herbert-Henry Blossom from "Eileen" 1917
Christine Andreas-"I'll Follow My Secret Heart"-from "Conversation Piexe" 1934 Music and Lyric by Noel Coward
Brian Charles Rooney-"Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life" from Naughty Marietta-Herbert/Blossom
TRIO-John Easterlin,William Michals,Jennifer Hope Wills-"Hills of Dreams" music by Edvard Grieg
FINALE-"I'll See You Again" from "Bittersweet (1929) Music and Lyrics by Noel Coward

The after party was held at Tony DiNapoli's Family Style Italian Restaurant ( located at 43rd street between 6th and 7th.
Photos by Genevieve Rafter Keddy

Alexander Gemignani

William Michals

Jennifer Hope Wills

Christine Andreas & Bill Daugherty

Karen Murphy

Bill Daugherty

John Easterlin

John Easterlin

Jason Graae

Jason Graae and the Night At The Operetta Dancers-Eric Sean Fogel, J. Austin Eyer, Billy Harrigan Tighe and Ben Franklin

Milla Ilieva

Brian Charles Rooney and Bill Daugherty

Brian Charles Rooney and Bill Daugherty



Night At The Operetta II Cast and host Scott Siegel

Jennifer Hope Wills, Christine Andreas, Lisa Howard

Bill Daugherty and Christine Andreas

Karen Murphy, Christine Andreas, Lisa Howard, Milla Ilieva, Jennifer Hope Wills

Karen Murphy and Alexander Gemignani

William Michals and John Easterlin give a lift to Jennifer Hope Wills

The Men of Night At The Operetta II

Alexander Gemignani

John Easterlin and Alexander Gemignani

William Michals, Brian Charles Rooney,Scott Siegel, Alexander Gemignani, Bill Daugherty

William Michals

John Easterlin and Milla Ilieva

Jason Graae

Lisa Howard and Alexander Gemignani

Jason Graae and Jan Horvath

Fred Barton(Musical conductor) and Damon Kirsche

Fred Barton and Karen Murphy

Milla Ilieva and Dan Foster (director of tonights show)

The Night at the Operetta Orchestra

Billy Harrington Tighe, Eric Sean Fogel, Ben Franklin, J. Austin Eyer

The Night at the Operetta Dancers and Jennifer Hope Wills

Jennifer Hope Wills and William Michals

John Easterlin,William Michals,Jennifer Hope Wills, and Jason Graae

Jason Graae and Milla Ilieva

William Michals and Lisa Howard

Karen Murphy,Christine Andreas and Lisa Howard

William Michals and Christine Andreas

Christine Andreas and Brian Charles Rooney

Christine Andreas and Brian Charles Rooney

Brian Charles Rooney

John Easterlin,Christine Andreas and Jason Graae

Scott Siegel (host, writer and creator)and Fred Barton

Barbara Siegel,Jason Graae, Scott Siegel, John Easterlin and Bill Daugherty

Jason Graae, William Michals,Barbara Siegel, John Easterlin and Scott Siegel