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BWW Music Review: Andy Karl, Orfeh & Andrew Logan Prove Good Things Come In Threes


A new single on Broadway Records is a mashup with meaning.

BWW Music Review: Andy Karl, Orfeh & Andrew Logan Prove Good Things Come In Threes

The three songs that make up a new medley by three vocal powerhouses are not big songs, they are broken songs. Don't be mistaken, there are opportunities for big vocals in all three compositions but, at their core, all three of the numbers that make up the single released on March 5th are songs of internalized sadness - perhaps that is why it seems appropriate that the recording dropped nearly one year after the show business shut down and nationwide quarantine that separated everyone. Fear not, dear music lovers, for in the hands (and voice boxes) of the three talents who created the mashup, the resulting musical offering translates into something of an anthem for surviving the hard times... with a little help from your friends.

According to the press for the "Yesterday/Time After Time/Shallow" recording, Andrew Logan has been a dear friend to Orfeh and Andy Karl - that's Mr. and Mrs. Karl to you - for many years. He has an impressive resume, as do his married cohorts, but credits don't really count when it comes to chemistry, and that's what this musical trio has going for them, not to mention obvious artistic savvy. Their goal when going into the studio to record the medley may have been to have fun singing together, it may have been to create something musically innovative, and it may have been making good use of their time in quarantine - and they certainly did succeed at all those things, but if you listen to the single on repeat for a while (everyone else does that, right?) little layers of realization present themselves to you.

With the combination of the songs this Timeless Trio has chosen, there is a representation of music, not only beloved but important, from three different eras, three different artists of iconic status, and three different genres of composition. Nevertheless, in the hands of Logan and The Karls, all elements come together in an arrangement well-conceived and executed, each melody and lyric complementing one another in surprising ways. Also working on their behalf are three completely different vocal sounds, with Mr. Logan bringing full-on modern-day pop, the Lady Orfeh delivering her throaty r&b depth, and stalwart Karl acting as anchor with authentic country-rock - it has to be said that putting together three such specific vocal and stylistic sounds could lead to disaster but musical director Steven Jamail has served the artists well, as have the mixing/mastering team on the single. At no time is any singer or instrument incongruous with the others and that is an achievement of significant note. If I could wish for one thing it would be a smoother progression from Logan's song into Orfeh's - both she and the musical journey deserve it, though it's a minor observation from a fan of complex musical transitions.

Perhaps the most important journey to be taken while listening to this simple five-minute single is one concerning family. Note the ease with which Andrew begins "Yesterday", all alone with that scrumptious (oh my gosh!) voice of his; when Orfeh comes in for her track, she could be singing the Cyndi Lauper classic on her own, but what is more fun than a "Time After Time" with harmonies by your bestie? Nothing, which is why Andrew and Orfeh take part two, setting up a seamless segue for Andy (the man who is this writer's choice for Jackson Maine when they turn A Star Is Born into a stage play - and you know they will). After giving Andy enough time to grab hearts with his verses of "Shallow", his staunch and supportive partners join him for the big finish, which is as it should be - and it is a big finish, which is as it should be. The recording is a great metaphor for the road we walk in life, starting alone and picking up those who will join us on the journey, finishing together in one peaceful, harmonious, loving final note. And although the three voices contributing to this recording of three simple songs are all big voices that can go big places, the voices aren't what make this a big recording.

It's the friendship.

Yesterday/Time After Time/Shallow is a 2021 release on the Broadway Records label and is available at the Broadway Records Website HERE and on all digital platforms.

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