Whoopi Goldberg's Secret Addiction Revealed on THE DR. OZ SHOW

Whoopi Goldberg's Secret Addiction Revealed on THE DR. OZ SHOW

On yesterday's THE DR. OZ SHOW, Dr. Oz was joined by American comedian, actress, singer-songwriter, political activist, author and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi reveals her decades long addiction to smoking cigarettes and the video that changed her life forever. Dr. Oz and Whoopi discuss the lethal health issues surrounding cigarettes and are introduced to the children who turned her life around.

On her cigarette addiction and the tobacco industry, Whoopi explains: "No person, could stop me, no mayor, no king, no queen, because I felt like if you tell people you don't want them to smoke, because it's bad for their health, then the nation, each city, each state, should stop selling cigarettes and turn around and give the patch for free."

On Dr. Oz urging her to quit smoking, Whoopi shares: "People need E-cigarettes, stop harassing them. If you want people to stop, you have to let them stop the way that they can. You cannot continue to say you're a bad person, go stand out in the snow and in the rain. And if you condone that kind of thing, think about it. Think about the one thing that you quietly secretly do that no one knows about. Now, think of somebody finding out and condemning you and telling you you're not a good person, because you smoke, making your kids tell you that you're terrible. That's not worth it unless everybody's working together it's not going to work."

On what advice now she would have given to herself then, Whoopi says: "I would say just slow down. You can't do everything at one time. You got to slow down. I was very adventurous, and I was lucky because I could be adventurous at a time where the cost wasn't as it seems to be now. It's very hard for people, I think, to be as adventurous as I think we were. I would just say slow down, just slow down."

photo credit: Sony Pictures Television.