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Tamron Hall Celebrates 500 Episodes of Talk Show

Kim Fields and Arsenio Hall made special guest appearances today for the milestone episode.

Tamron Hall Celebrates 500 Episodes of Talk Show

Recently nominated for four Daytime Emmy awards, the nationally syndicated daytime talk show "Tamron Hall" aired its 500th episode TODAY with guest appearances from comedian Arsenio Hall and Tamron's good friend, actress Kim Fields. Arsenio and Tamron bonded over more than sharing the same last name, they also discussed their mutual love for Prince and the relationship they both had with him, while Fields opened up about the beginning of her longtime friendship with Tamron. The celebratory episode also included a highlight reel featuring top moments from three seasons of "Tamron Hall." Watch clips from the show below!

Tamron Hall reflects on reaching 500 episodes of her award-winning daytime talk show:

"This is a very special day. It is our 500th episode. The audience - you've got the sequin and the glitter and the hats - you all look so beautiful. I see faces who were here the first show. I see my bestie Sylvia and Larry. I see new faces looking so beautiful. But at the end of the day, we're all Tam Fam and that's what this show is about. Whether you started watching on the first day or today's episode, the 500th, is your first, you are welcome, always, to this party that started three years ago. In fact, I remember referring to the audience as the Tam Fam. Those words really meant something to me at the time. I was like you know, I really want, I want us to feel like family. I want you to feel safe. I want you to come here for the hour and feel golden. That's why I wore gold today. I want to thank each and every one of you, those I've been able to meet on the street and say, 'My mom loves the show.' I'm like, 'Your mom? Do you love to show?' 'My dad...I can't stop watching' or 'This episode made me cry' or 'I went out and got this book when I felt inspired by...' All of the comments, I read them and I'm so grateful for them. They're on social media saying that the show comforted you in tough times, you've said it's inspired you to keep the conversation going. We've had so many amazing guests on the show who open up and share their personal stories, including big celebrities."

Tamron answers Arsenio Hall's question, "Is this the greatest day of your life?":

"Having my baby was the greatest, but this is actually, professionally, this is absolutely, 500, you know, when we started the show people were like, 'Well she's not an international superstar, she's not a celebrity, people won't watch one hour shows.' And we got a lot of 'No's and then we got a 'Yes' and I thought a lot about you when I got the 'Yes' because what you did so beautifully over your years hosting your show was you listened and you invited everyone to the party, and that's why it was exciting. And so there are many people on my 'Mount Rushmore' of talk show hosts - we know that there's Oprah and Phil [Donahue] but you are in my 'Mount Rushmore' of people who did it right and people I wanted to emulate and I was inspired by."

Arsenio Hall on his relationship with Prince:

"We have a couple of things in common. One is our last name, of course. And, two, is we were both very close to Prince. And I have to admit that the reason Prince liked me is I told him you were my cousin. I lied." He continued, "Prince was such a unique guy, like one time he told me, he said, 'I'll call you later' and I said, 'You don't have a phone.' He says, 'Everyone around me has a phone. When you're Prince you don't even need a cell phone"

Kim Fields congratulates Tamron on her 500th episode:

"I love how you look right now. Listen, you look like your own Emmy. I mean you are giving gold vibes fabulousness. So of course I can believe it. You have the tenacity, you have the sensibilities. God knows you have the wisdom and intelligence. You ain't just a face. Okay, so you bring the thunder each and every time to everything that you do. All the way, see we go back to Chicago."

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