SMASH Showrunner Joshua Safran Chats Season 2

SMASH Showrunner Joshua Safran Chats Season 2

In the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, new SMASH showrunner Joshua Safran revealed details about the highly anticipated second season of the NBC musical drama series, premiering on February 5 at 9:00 pm/ET. Safran replaced series creator Theresa Rebeck, the original showrunner.

Discussing what viewers can expect in the new episodes, the executive producer revealed, “There’s no bowling alley sing-alongs. There are fantasy sequences, but so far not on the level of [last season's] Bollywood cover.”

Among the changes fans will see is a new look for Debra Messing's character, who last year donned a variety of artsy scarves and sweaters. “Coming into a show second season where there was so much discussion about positives and negatives about the first season gives you that rare chance to step back and go, ‘What can I change?’" he explained. "So we were able to [revisit] things like the scarves. We address it head on.”

Safran assures fans that the fundamental elements which made the show so popular in its freshman season will still be present in the new year. He shares, “As a viewer, I really loved the show. It’s literally just reaching in and moving the tiny pieces that weren’t connecting, the gears that weren’t fully aligned. But it’s small shifts. If you loved Smash last year, you are not seeing a radically different show. And that was important to me because I loved Smash last year.”

Photo credit: Will Hart/NBC