POLITICAL ANIMALS Spearheads Week of Originals on USA

USA's new series POLITICAL ANIMALS will spearhead a week of original programming on the network. Check out what's coming up this week!

It is finally here – the 1000th episode of RAW! The Superstars and Diva’s from the WWE Universe take the stage live in front of thousands in attendance and millions watching at home. The most watched year-round program on cable features such stars as John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Big Show and many more. As an added bonus, Charlie Sheen will serve as the Celebrity Social Media Ambassador for the event. This week also kicks off regularly scheduled three-hour RAWs, every Monday.

Tuesday, July 24 – WHITE COLLAR – “Diminishing Returns” – 9/8c
Now back in New York, Peter's actions on the island get him demoted and transferred out of the White Collar division. With Neal and his team's help, he surreptitiously investigates a brilliant thief who has avoided the FBI’s capture for years.
Guest stars: Jim Rebhorn, Michael Weston, Judith Ivey, Brett Cullen, Laurie Williams
Social TV: Neal’s Stash (http://nealsstash.usanetwork.com/) is a national crowd-sourcing treasure hunt inviting WHITE COLLAR fans to help track down an old score stolen from them by a rival con artist. Players compete for a chance to win weekly prizes and a grand-prize 2013 Ford Taurus

Tuesday, July 24 – COVERT AFFAIRS – “The Last Thing You Should Do” – 10/9c
When a situation develops while Auggie is visiting Parker (guest star Devin Kelley) in Africa, Annie, Joan, and Lena (guest star SaraH Clarke) have to find a way to work together to bring him back safely.
Guest stars: SaraH Clarke, Richard Coyle, Anne Dudek, Devin Kelley
Social TV: The Sights Unseen prequel web series (http://sightsunseen.usanetwork.com) explores the blind tech-ops expert Auggie Andersen backstory as played by Christopher Gorham.

Wednesday, July 25 – ROYAL PAINS – “Fools Russian” – 9/8c

Hank is whisked away to a secret meeting in Manhattan by Boris to help care for a stubborn Russian oligarch, and befriends their female interpreter in the process. Meanwhile, Evan and Jeremiah (guest star Ben Shenkman) treat a famous internet entrepreneur who may have caught something more than just the travel bug during his recent space flight.
Also guest-starring: Ajay Mehta, Ina Baron, Mark Ivanir

Wednesday, July 25 – NECESSARY ROUGHNESS – “Spell it Out” – 10/9c
A spelling bee whiz kid turns to Dani with a case of the stutters. TK comes face-to-face with a problem he hoped was history, a league representative comes knocking on Nico’s door, and Jeanette (guest star Amanda Detmer) still hasn’t told Augusto she’s pregnant.
Also guest-starring: Tom Nowicki, Anthony Keyvan, Anjali Bhimani
Social TV: Each night after the east coast airing of the episode, fans can enter The Nico Files (http://thenicofiles.usanetwork.com/). Viewers will open a window into the story behind the hard decisions that Nico makes and no one else on the team can.<

Thursday, July 26 – BURN NOTICE – “Shock Wave” – 9/8c
Michael finally gets a solid lead on Anson (guest star Jere Burns), but the plan to get Fiona out of prison hits a snag when a MI-6 agent tries to prevent her release. Across town, Sam must protect Barry after a cold-blooded assassin traps them in a secluded beach house.
Guest stars: William Mapother, Lauren Stamile, Seth Peterson, Jere Burns
Social TV: Share the beginnings of Michael and Fiona’s story with your readers in First Contact.

Thursday, July 26 – SUITS – “All In” – 10/9c
Harvey’s personal history with a client forces he and Mike to take on an unorthodox case from which they'd normally walk away. Louis and Rachel team up to save a mutually beloved institution from ruin. Jessica runs into an unexpected roadblock while defending the firm against a lawsuit.
Guest stars: Max Topplin, Matthew Glave, Scott Grimes, Peter Outerbridge, Rachael Crawford
Social TV: Suits Recruits (http://suitsrecruits.usanetwork.com/) will engage fans with their favorite SUITS characters as they are assigned their first case in a digital story coinciding with the on-air plot lines and office intrigue.

Friday, July 27 – COMMON LAW – “In-Laws and Outlaws” – 10/9c
Wes and Travis’ loyalties are at odds as the mentors who brought them up the ranks are called in to consult on a high-stakes drug related murder. Seeing each other’s strengths and flaws magnified in their mentors, Wes and Travis come away with a new appreciation for one another.
Guest stars: Vanessa Cloke, Lyle Brocato, Yohance Myles, Indigo Nichols, Gary Grubbs, Leslie Castay, Jeff Fahey, Kevin Tighe,Carsten Norgaard, Luis Antonio Ramos, Steven Bauer, Zabryna Guevara, Mustafa Harris, EVan Cleaver and Will Koberg

Sunday, July 29 – POLITICAL ANIMALS – “The Woman Problem” – 10/9c
Elaine announces a new plan to her family. Tensions mount as Bud, Douglas, and T.J. take an impromptu fishing trip to visit a pollster in order to gauge election standings. Threatened by Elaine’s skyrocketing popularity, Garcetti hatches a plan that finds Elaine at odds with her long-time mentor and Supreme Court Justice (guest star Vanessa Redgrave). Susan lets Alex in on her top-secret story, and finds it difficult to separate the personal and the professional.
Guest stars: Vanessa Redgrave, Adrian Pasdar, Roger Bart, Dylan Baker, Dan Futterman and Meghann Fahy

Social TV: Political reporter Susan Berg provides fans an inside look at the lives of The Hammonds in The Washington Globe: http://www.washingtonglobenews.com/