Nick Offerman Moves in with CuriosityStream for New Documentary Series

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Nick Offerman Moves in with CuriosityStream for New Documentary Series

Whatever the structure or shelter, the history of humankind is deeply entwined with the fascinating story of where, how, and why we make our homes. CuriosityStream's original three-part series The History of Home is a visually stunning journey around the globe and through time to discover the surprising histories and mysteries behind every room in the house. Narrator Nick Offerman of PARKS AND RECREATION fame guides viewers through every doorway and around each corner with his trademark wit and charm (listen to his message here). The History of Home premieres exclusively on CuriosityStream worldwide beginning June 18, 2020.

"Now more than ever, where we live, where we shelter and where we seek sanctuary is an integral part of each of our lives. With The History of Home we wanted to deconstruct the concept of home to expose the surprising origins of the structures and rituals that surround us every day," said Rob Burk, Head of Content for CuriosityStream. "We travelled the globe to provide intimate access to some of the most spectacular homes of all time, from famous structures like Highclere Castle -- home to the series DOWNTON ABBEY -- to Kirkjubøargarður, also known as King's Farm, one of the oldest still-inhabited wooden houses in the world. The History of Home represents CuriosityStream's unique approach to history; engaging, relevant and always entertaining."

"I love our human capacity for building clever spots in which to cook our meat and make sweet love to our spouses," said Nick Offerman, actor, master woodworker and narrator of The History of Home. "This series is such a beautifully embroidered paean to the varied results of that particular talent, so I was over the moon when they asked me to collaborate with their gorgeous work."

The History of Home examines how the fundamental elements of daily life, such as the need for shelter, comfort, and sustenance, transformed our lives and made our houses homes. World-renowned architects, designers, craftsmen and historians share extraordinary insights on every "story" of the house; from the hallways to the kitchen, then upstairs to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Filmed in 10 countries across 4 continents, the series features 35 stunning locations and many more eye-popping homes. Each hour-long episode is shot with cutting-edge 4K camera technology including the Sony Venice; Sony's state-of-the-art, full-frame cinema camera providing gorgeous visuals that invite viewers into each unique abode.

EPISODE 1 - "The Foundations of Home"

From humble mud bricks, to an Italian mountain with the world's most prized marble, we start with the foundations of home. Explore the cave dwellings of our earliest ancestors and the wooden homes of Vikings, all the way to the soaring skyscrapers of modern metropolises. Some of the incredible locations on the itinerary include: a sleek, earthen eco-retreat built of lava; an ambitious archeological effort in France to build a medieval castle from scratch; Hampton Court Palace to explore the history behind King Henry VIII's brick pleasure palace; Pasadena, California, where movie buffs will recognize an iconic American Craftsman home; and San Francisco, where we meet award-winning designer Yves Béhar who is designing homes of the future.

EPISODE 2 - "The First Story of Home"

Step inside the home to discover the fascinating origins of how our favorite rooms evolved. Feast in the original hall of fame at the world's largest Viking Hall. Then, journey to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and its incredible kitchen where the beloved french fry may have been invented. You will need to be on your best behavior to sit with the lords and ladies dining with us at Highclere Castle (from Downton Abbey). And finally, explore the luxurious living rooms of Hearst Castle and meet interior designer to the stars Brigette Romanek.

EPISODE 3 - "The Second Story of Home"

Go upstairs to the most intimate rooms of the house -- the study, the bathroom, and the bedroom. Working from home takes on new meaning in history's greatest studies as we pull back the curtains on the rooms that made Mark Twain, Thomas Edison and Virginia Woolf. Next, dive into the dirty details behind the most private room in the house; the bathroom. After, we explore the boudoirs of French kings and queens at a castle 500 years older than Versailles and take a look inside the high-tech bedroom designs of the future. Finally, we will look to the horizon to see what the future of home on earth, and even on Mars, might look like.

The History of Home is the second installment in CuriosityStream's "The History of..." anthology following its popular The History of Food series. The History of Home is produced for CuriosityStream by Roller Coaster Road Productions with Sarah V. Burns and Alex Sherratt as executive producers and showrunners. Rob Burk is executive producer for CuriosityStream.

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