Marvel Finally Secures a New Director for ANT-MAN

Marvel Finally Secures a New Director for ANT-MAN

Marvel has had a difficult time moving forward with their Ant-Man project. They first lost director Edgar Wright, who had put in 8 years of work on the film. Adam McKay was the runner-up; however, he recently declined the offer. After much searching, according to The Wrap, Marvel has hired Peyton Reed as the new director of Ant-Man.

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Ant-Man tells the story of a biochemist who develops a formula to manipulate size. He performs an experiment on himself which doesn't quite go as planned. However, he then develops a method to communicate with anc control insects

Peyton Reed is most well-known for his film Yes Man (2008). He is currently in pre-production for The Fifth Beatle. Other films include The Break-Up (2006), Superchunk (2004), Bring It On (2000), and more. A lot of his work has also consisted of directing for television. His credits include The Goodwin Games (2013), Upright Citizens Brigade (2000), The Weird Al Show (1997), and more.

As of now, the cast of Ant-Man includes Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Patrick Wilson and Corey Stoll. The film is slotted for release on July 17, 2015.

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