IDOL WATCH: 6 Becomes 5!


Tonight on American Idol, Katy Perry performed, along with Stefano and the Queen Extravaganza, plus another contestant hit the road - who was it? Find out now!

Of course, there's the usual: the Ford Music video (set outside a cafe) and a look back at their visit to the set of TMZ this week.

Jessica and Elise are the first to get their results. Jimmy Iovine says that both chose the wrong Queen song, but likes Jessica's second choice. On Elise's second song, he says: "She has a problem, she's a great singer who makes bad choices," and Elise is in the bottom three.

We get the return of another few semifinalists: last year's Casey Abrams, sporting a mane in addition to his beard, chats with the contestants and warns them to look out for pranks. Stefano (no last name given, and I'm not sure if I actually remember or care) performs his new single, "I'm On a Roll," with enough strutting and pointing for a thousand Beyonce videos.

Hollie and Joshua get their results next. Jimmy says he thought Hollie did as well as she could do, and Ryan concurs, saying authoritatively that "Jimmy's right." When did Ryan become all qualified to be a judge? If watching the show makes you an expert, then Idol needs to have several million more panelists. After a pair of solid performances last night, Joshua's safe, sending Hollie to the bottom three.<

Katy Perry delivers an, um, interesting version of her single "Part of Me" (complete with what's probably one of the most shallow representations of the military in recent memory) before Skylar and Phil Phillips get their results. I like Skylar's hair tonight. She is only 18, but tends to come across a lot older, so it's good to see her looking more like a typical teenager. Jimmy says that if Skylar won round one, as the judges said yesterday, then she "got knocked out in round two."

Skylar is declared to be in the bottom three (and a girl in the audience screeches "You're still sexy!" to Philip Phillips), but she's declared safe immediately thereafter, leaving Hollie and Elise. I don't think I'd be too surprised with either of them heading home, but it's Elise's night to hit the road.

I can't pretend to be disappointed - I've made no secret of the fact that she annoys me - but she does make a gracious exit, singing Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love."


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