HELL'S KITCHEN Gordon Ramsay Shares 4th of July Grill Tips; Previews Next Episode

HELL'S KITCHEN Gordon Ramsay Shares 4th of July Grill Tips; Previews Next Episode

Below, HELL'S KITCHEN's Gordon Ramsay shares his advice for a successful Fourth of July Cookout, plus, get a sneak peek at the next episode of the show!

Charcoal Grill or Gas Grill?
Gordon's Tip: "I prefer a charcoal grill, because using charcoal brings out that great charcoal flavor, no matter what you're cooking. You can use any flavor of charcoal, like hickory, and it will bring out a nice flavor to your finished product. The benefit of charcoal is the flavor it brings out, and you can control the intensity of the fire. Some may find cooking with charcoal difficult, because you Need to Know how to build a fire, feed your fire and control it. Gas grills are easier to use, because the heat is manageable and there's barely any mess!"

Cooking a Juicy Steak
Gordon's Tip: "Let your steak set at room temperature for at least 45 minutes to an hour before cooking. Many people cook their steaks straight from the refrigerator which leads to uneven cooking. If you let the steak get to room temperature first, it will help obtain even cooking and great grill marks!"

A Flavorful Hamburger
Gordon's Tip: "Buying a great blend of burger meat and proper seasoning is best. I like to use 60% chuck, 10% short rib, 10% brisket and 20% trim."

A Soft, Tender Piece of Chicken
Gordon's Tip: "Brining your chicken the night before will give you a tender, juicy outcome."

Are there any rubs, sauces or condiments that are essential for a successful barbecue?
Gordon's Tip: "House-made BBQ sauce is always the best! I like to smoke the vegetables that go into my BBQ sauce. Simple salt and pepper and proper seasoning is the way to go. Let the product speak for itself."


After Chef Ramsay hands out the final black jackets, the remaining six chefs head to the University of Southern California to prepare tailgate fare for hungry football fans. The chefs who earn the most fan votes will be treated to an exquisite lunch in Malibu, complete with wine tasting, while the other chefs will return to HELL'S KITCHEN to separate trash on recycling day. Later, tempers flare during the first black jacket dinner service, and two of the weakest links will be put up for elimination. Find out whose dreams of winning HELL'S KITCHEN will go up in flames in the all-new "6 Chefs Compete" episode of HELL'S KITCHEN airing Thursday, July 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Get a sneak peek below:

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