GLEE Coming to a Close? Ryan Murphy Talks Series' End

GLEE Coming to a Close? Ryan Murphy Talks Series' End

GLEE went under a bit of an alteration this season - splitting its time between the McKinley kids and the club, and following its graduates across the country, including Rachel's collegiate career at NYADA, and Kurt's big move to Manhattan. The show has introduced new characters, and all but said goodbye to the old - and in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, series creator Ryan Murphy, was candid when it came to show's inevitable end.

"I've really wanted it to go on, and I wanted to populate it with new people," Murphy said. "We did that this season, and thankfully those kids have popped. It's re-energized the show, and I think the actors are all much happier because nobody is having to work eight days a week and kill themselves."

Fans have been divided since the format switch - some have called for the series to abandon McKinley High and its characters for good, and instead focus on the Rachel/Kurt storyline in New York (an idea originally pitched as a spin-off.) And though the ratings have taken a hit since the show switched to the coveted Thursday night lineup, Murphy isn't deterred.

"I feel like we finally figured out how to make it work, and I think we could get another four years from this show," he said.

Putting at tentative, potential end date of four more years would allow the series to wrap up the new characters recently introduced at McKinley, as well as Rachel's stint at NYADA.

What do you guys think? Has the series peaked? Are you ready to see the GLEE come to a close?