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ChaiFlicks Announces October 2020 Schedule

The new streaming service devoted to Jewish and Israeli themed entertainment.

ChaiFlicks Announces October 2020 Schedule

ChaiFlicks, the new streaming service devoted to Jewish and Israeli themed entertainment and culture from around the world is pleased to announce its slate of films, TV series and theatre performances scheduled to play on the channel throughout October 2020.

ChaiFlicks' great movies, series and more is available on your television, mobile device, desktop, etc., with Apps for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple iOS, Apple TV, Android & Android TV! Learn more at

October 2020 ChaiFlicks presentations:

10/1 - America Undiscovered (Series, Documentary / USA, 2014)

This original and imaginative television series showcases engaging and uplifting stories about amazing Jewish individuals and communities that have been overlooked or undiscovered. The series brings to light positive stories about the unique American Jewish experience and heritage - especially at a time when anti-Semitism is increasing worldwide.

10/4 - The Shabbos Goy (Comedy / USA, 2019 / Talia Osteen)

Yep. That's right. Executive Producer Paul Feig ("Bridesmaids," "The Heat") presents this award-winning comedic short written and directed by Talia Osteen. Prepare to laugh your tush off as God literally forbids Chana to turn off her vibrator gone rogue, so she sets out on a quest to find someone who can - thus the title character.

10/6 - Inspiring Jewish Stories on Stage l The Braid / Jewish Women's Theatre Presents:

"The Moment I Knew" (New Performance!)
Emmy Award-winning writer and star of the Off-Broadway hit "Not That Jewish," Monica Piper tells riotous tales of life as the stressed-out single working mother of a teenage son. Overwhelmed by the task of buying an acceptable dress for the Ginsberg bar mitzvah, she flees the mall to arrive at her yearly mammogram appointment on time. When the results come in, Monica's relationship with everything and everyone changes. But her son, who thinks she's an idiot, has the most unexpected reaction of anyone. Released in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this is a story guaranteed to bring tears and laughter, occasionally at the same time!

10/8 - Budapest Noir (Drama, Thriller / Hungary, 2018 / Éva Gárdos)

Its Budapest, 1936. Acclaimed filmmaker Eva Gardos ("An American Rhapsody") presents a pulse-pounding thriller (based on the best-selling novel) where nothing and no one is as it seems. Against the backdrop of the return of the Hungarian prime minister from Germany in a coffin, Crime reporter Zsigmond Gordon investigates the murder of a beautiful, well-dressed young woman who is found with only a Jewish prayer book in her purse. His journey takes him to a world of pornographers, brothels and Communist cells leading to the highest echelons of power.

10/11 - My Grandparents Had a Hotel (Documentary / Canada, 1989 / Karen Shopsowitz)

This precious, nostalgic story by filmmaker Karen Shopsowitz about of The Monteith Inn, in the Muskokas, which is run by her grandparents, Harry and Jennie Shopsowitz, from 1935 - 49. Originally seen as a haven for Canadian (and American) Jews who were kept out of restricted clubs, the hotel soon became a colorful part of North American Jewish history.

10/13 - Scandal in Ivansk (Documentary / Israel/ Poland, 2017 / David Blumenfeld and Ami Drozd)

This eye-opening documentary strives to understand why much of the nation won't accept the word "collaborator" to describe Polish people who aided the Nazis and benefitted from the genocide of Jews. In the small Polish town of Ivansk, this one word ignites a nationwide controversy. Most of Ivansk's Jews were killed by the Nazis, and the headstones in the Jewish cemetery were plundered for construction purposes. A group of descendants of Ivansk Jews restore the town's cemetery, retrieving what headstones they can. When they commission a plaque that includes the word "collaborator," a national scandal is unleashed.

10/15 - Etgar Keret- Based On A True Story (Documentary / Netherlands, 2017 / Stepane Kaas)

This documentary about beloved Israeli writer Etgar Keret highlights his surreal short stories and his hilarious live performances by using both animation, re-enactment of his anecdotes and interviews with family and friends (Jonathan Safran Foer and Ira Glass among them). As The Guardian wrote: "Spending time with him is like entering the world of his stories: suddenly, everything seems slightly off-kilter, full of comic potential."

10/18 - Mekimi (Series / Israel, 2013 / Ram Nehari)

This dynamic and engaging 5-part limited series follows Alma, a young and attractive media star living in Tel Aviv who seems to have it all: money, fame, smart friends and a bright future ahead. Yet, she feels something is amiss in her life. One day, an anarchist film student, Ben enters her life and together they set off on a journey which eventually brings them to become religious and accept the ultra-orthodox lifestyle.

10/20 - Be Fruitful and Multiply (Documentary / Israel, 2005 / Shosh Shlam)

This critically acclaimed documentary goes beyond where "Unorthodox" just touched the surface and provides a look into the life of four Ultra-Orthodox women without the freedom to determine the course of their lives, instead they are dedicated to serving God via the womb, - the perpetual round of pregnancy, birth and constant nursing.

The film follows Yentle, who lives in the Me'a She'arim neighborhood in Jerusalem, as she expresses the pain of her oppressed friends who are prisoners of their community's decrees and whose voices are silenced. As the film progresses, obedient Yentle turns into an independent woman who rebels against her community's conventions.

10/22 - Yana's Friends (Drama, Romance / Israel, 1999 / Arik Kaplun)

This Israeli classic and engaging drama from director Arik Kaplun explores the story of Russian immigrants who land in Israel during the time of the Gulf War. As scud missiles fly overhead, and an entire country locks itself into airtight rooms, Yana and her flat mate and her friends wrestle with the problems of immigrants everywhere: language, culture, money, jobs and love.

10/25 - Witness Theater (Documentary / USA, 2018 / Oren Rudavsky)

Documentarian Oren Rudavsky follows the journeys of Holocaust survivors and high school students as they share stories of loss, struggle, and lives rebuilt and experience the healing power of intergenerational relationships, culminating in the public performance of a play based on the survivors' stories. As the last generation of Holocaust survivors lives out their final years, the number of individuals who are physically and mentally able to "bear witness" dwindles and the question of what happens to their stories and their experience remains.

10/27 - Across the Waters (Drama / Denmark, 2017 / Nicolo Donato)

Based on true events, ACROSS THE WATERS, directed and co-written by Nicolo Donato, tells the gripping story of the courageous Danish fishermen (including Donato's own grandfather) who risked their lives to ferry Jewish refugees to safety in Sweden. Stars David Dencik from "Chernobyl" and the new James Bond movie.

10/29 - Or (Drama / Israel, 2004 / Keren Yedaya)

Winner of Camera d'Or - Cannes 2004. This classic follows down-on their-luck prostitute Ruthie (Ronit Elkabetz, "The Band's Visit") and her 18-year-old daughter Or. Ruthie has been a prostitute for the last twenty years. Or has tried many times to have her mother quit working the street, but without success.

Follow Or's endless succession of petty jobs: washing dishes in a restaurant, cleaning staircases and collecting deposit bottles while attending high school whenever she can. After Ruthie's health worsens and following an umpteenth visit to her mother at the hospital, Or decides that this time, things must change for good.

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