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BWW Review: Sixty minutes Without Barry on THE FLASH

Sixty minutes without Barry. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Apparently, a lot. BARRY is in the Speed Force to quicken the synthesis of the completed metahuman cure, leaving Team Flash one speedster short.

Things start going wrong when Cisco gets ready for his date with Kamilla and Ralph bringing out his Book of Ralph. But this time, instead of how to get over a breakup, it's how to have a perfect date. Turns out, Ralph has done some cyberstalking and shows Cisco pictures of Kamilla's previous boyfriends, which psychs him out and he shows up to the date with his hair slicked back and wearing a suit. Kamilla is unimpressed.

Meanwhile, Iris goes back to her office to write and Cicada shows up and kidnaps her. Thankfully, she sends a distress signal to Team Flash and Nora and Killer Frost show up. Cicada flings his dagger into the air and it boomerangs back hitting Killer Frost in the back, killing her.

In a panic, Nora runs back in time to try and save Caitlin. The same scenario plays out over and over again. Each time Cisco's in a different outfit for his date, which is hilarious, and Cicada kidnaps and kills a different member of Team Flash - Ralph, Iris, Cisco, and Cecile. Every time, Nora tries to go back and stop it but she can't. She can't even get into the Speed Force to get Barry's help. Team Flash eventually figures out that Nora has been time travelling and she confesses what she's been doing.

But maybe going back in time 52 times wasn't completely worthless. This time it's Cisco's turn to give Nora the heart-to-heart that ends up saving everyone. Nora remembers she's been writing down everything in her journal and knows every move Cicada will make. Team Flash lures him back onto the rooftop where there's breaches and Flashtime and a great scene of all the heroes working together. In the end, Cicada's dagger stabs him but he flies off. Again.

With everyone safe and alive and BARRY back from the Speed Force, Cisco goes on his date, as himself, with Kamilla and it turns out to be a success. Of course, we can't have an episode without a BARRY and Nora father-daughter moment so BARRY takes the opportunity to warn her about the dangers of time travel. Shouldn't she know this by now? When is Team Flash going to learn that nothing good ever comes from time travel? But Nora still goes back to 2049 to talk to Thawne, who assures her that they will stop Cicada and save her dad. Meanwhile, in the 53rd timeline, Sherloque seems to have figured out how to decode Nora's journal. Maybe he is actually a pretty good detective.

Photo Credit: The CW

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