BWW Recaps: TEEN WOLF Eternal Sunshine of the Scott-less Mind

After last week's 'filler' episode, we are jumping right back into action in Beacon Hills this week. Picking up from the traumatizing PSAT's and the chemistry teacher's attempted assassinations, Stiles was abandoned by Malia who discovered everyone knew Peter was her Dad, except her. But this week had bigger bombshells to the identity of The BENEFACTOR...I think? And if so, I couldn't have been more wrong about who i thought the Benefactor was if I tried. Who guessed it? Be honest...

Having had enough of the games and waiting around to be killed, Stiles, Kira, Scott and Liam come up with a plan to entrap The Benefactor. They're going to do the whole 'you'll be fake-dead for a while' plan. I mean, why not? It worked out for Romeo, what could possibly go wrong?

With the help of Chris Argent and the required Samsung product placement, we were on our way. Props to Mama McCall for her reaction to Scott's 'death.' I was sure she wasn't in on it from her performance. But she was and working with Mama Kira to help the kids entrap the psychopath supernatural killer.

Meanwhile, in Scott's subconscious, he's having some seriously creepy death dreams that lead him back to the scariest place in all of our psyche...High School! However, in Scott's case, it seems that his inner monster is really waking up and he's thinking more and more about what it would be like to take another human life. Papa McCall better hold off on that compartmentalization lesson. Stiles had his dark turn last season (or at least Pseudo-Stiles did), is it Scott's turn? Is he going to go full Angelus on us?

Derek is nursing Braeden back to help when she realizes he's losing his powers. The best way to help him is to train him to use traditional weaponry and defense skills...oh yeah, and to give in to that sexual tension that's been building for weeks.

Malia tries bonding with Daddy Dearest who insists on giving his side of the story of Peter Hale. I mean, even the criminally insane are entitled to a defense. I jest, I've always had a soft spot for Peter. (#whyimsingle) This should be a nice new challenge for the Stiles/Malia relationship if she starts bonding with her Dad. Peter being an overprotective father would make for some very enjoyable Stiles interactions.

At the hospital, the plan is coming together when one of the Berzerkers shows up on the roof which can only mean one thing: Kate's here. Clearly the Argents weren't big on sharing when they were growing up as they both need Scott's body. Finally relenting a bit, Kate realizes Chris is telling the truth and Scott isn't dead at all. A fact which she reveals to a very relieved Peter???

Scott survives but Mama Kira is critically wounded and flown off to a hospital in Palo Alto while Liam's stepdad is left in the aftermath of confusion.

And finally, up at Lydia's cabin, her mom reveals that her grandmother left her ashes to be spread on the lake by Lydia when she turned 18. When Lydia opens the urn, there isn't anything in it but mountain ash and gibberish aka code. Is grandma really alive? Is grandma...the benefactor???

Was anyone else really tripping out during Scott's dream sequences? Why are long metal tunnels so damn scary? And it really felt like everyone was preparing to go on a trip. Sheriff Stiles is off somewhere, Papa McCall was off, Mama Kira was injured and flown away, Mama McCall is ALWAYS at the hospital but apparently makes no money and now Malia is going to set off on a search for her momyote. (Can I copyright that?) It also seems like a LOT of action takes place on the roof of the hospital. How many times this season have MAJOR plot lines come to a head in that location? It's like the new lacrosse field since nobody goes to school anymore anyway.

Here's what I know:

  • My guess that Deputy Parrish was the Benefactor was charming...but so, so wrong.

  • Liam - don't try to take on the Berzerkers. You've been a wolf for like 2 weeks. Take it down a notch.

  • Chris and Stiles make an odd, yet amusing team.

Here's what I don't know:

  • If everyone is having money problems, how do they have so many brand new Mac Books?

  • Why did Lydia's mom know Meredith? Did I miss that?

  • Why were Peter and Kate so relieved that Scott was alive?

  • Is school in session? Or do they always get days off when their chemistry teachers turn out to be assassins?

Favorite Lines:

  • Peter - I GOTTA buy a better safe!

  • Stiles - That's your assassin speak? It's a little dry. You could've said something like 'the target has been neutralized' or 'the crow flies at midnight.' That's always cool.

  • Stiles - OK, well obviously you guys have a lot to talk about. So maybe...I saw some coffee? Vending machine outside?

I feel like everyone was really getting close and touchy feely with each other which, in my experience with these shows, means someone big is gonna die soon. My guesses?

  • Daddy McCall - He's finally stepping up, being a Dad, Scott is liking him, these are all bad signs.

  • Mama Lydia - She's suddenly a central character and Lydia seems to need her more than ever. And if grandma's coming back...

  • Braeden - Could Derek withstand the loss of another love?

  • Mama Kira - Is this wound she attained fatal?

  • Mama McCall or Sheriff Stiles - These would be the most heartbreaking but Teen Wolf has gutted us before.

What are your thoughts? What did I miss? Who do you think we're going to lose this year?

Tune in next week to MTV at 10/9 central.

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