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BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Eats Our Hearts Out On Valentine's Day in 'Menagerie'
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BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Eats Our Hearts Out On Valentine's Day in 'Menagerie'

BWW Recap: SUPERGIRL Eats Our Hearts Out On Valentine's Day in 'Menagerie'Supergirl is back from its mini-hiatus and ready to eat our hearts out with a slightly belated Valentine's Day-centric episode.

The episode kicks off with a pair of thieves admiring their stolen loot. The pair crashes near a crashed alien ship when a snake alien attacks the woman and eats the man's heart. Yum.

J'onn is the equivalent of that popular kid in high school everyone envied when 30 carnations were delivered to them in homeroom. His apartment is littered with roses and candy from people and aliens he's helped and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever?

It's good to see that Alex is still as dismayed with Haley even without the memories of Kara being Supergirl. Like most single people on VDay, she laments how she's been staving off the things she wants - a family - when that's the whole reason she took over the DEO in the first place. To be fair, Alex, taking on bigger responsibility rarely ever leaves you with more free time for a personal life. Kara offers to be Alex's wing woman at Nia's party and Alex responds with, "why does that scare me?". Subtlety and flirting aren't exactly Kara's strong suit, so I might have passed on that exciting offer as well.

While Alex is lamenting her current lack of dating and motherhood, Kara just wants her big sister back - the real one whose mind wasn't wiped.

Brainy stops by to offer his superhero training services to Nia, bursting through proclaiming that it's "not a date," which he clarified as it "wasn't clear last time. Ouch. While Nia declines his services for the time being, she invites him to her party. Brainy accepts, and Nia responds with, "great, it's a date," closing the door before Brainy can clarify otherwise. We've all dated our own adorably scientific introvert, haven't we?

I was beginning to forget James' photography background, but we're reminded of his way with a camera when he gives Lena a photo that he took of her sleeping - which comes off a lot more endearing than as creepy as it sounds. Lena suggests they head to Paris to live in the moment, a definite change in her usually calculated strategic self.

Haley pays Lena a visit, offering her a government contract tied to her research.

Kara and Alexa are going to get to work together after all as their leads leave them to the same place - the bodies of Anthony Stewart and his lover. Kara briefly brings up Winn as a cover story for knowing about DEO policy and we are once again reminded of the hole in our own hearts left by the OG nerdy, awkward goof. Come back to us, JJ.

Alex runs into an ex at Nia's party, which, awkward. Maybe she should have accepted Kara's wing woman proposal after all.

Meanwhile, in prison, Ben Lockwood is grooming his son to take his place as Agent Liberty, rallying the Children of Liberty to find the heart-stealing alien. As charming as ever, Ben is using his barely teenage son to help get himself out of prison. This one's certainly winning "Dad of the Year."

Pamela, the jewel thief, merged with the alien snake - having been drawn to its power. Together, they are known as Menagerie, a not-so-subtle nod to Marvel's Venom.

Despite it being a day surrounded by love, James and Lena can't see eye-to-eye on partnering with the government on developing her research. James has seen first hand far too many times what happens when the military gets its hands on powerful weaponry and while Lena's motives may be pure, far too large a portion of the government sides on the radical spectrum of the anti-alien movement for this to end well. They accept the inevitable, parting ways. Hopefully, they both have a stash of chocolate at home. It's looking more and more like Lena will follow in her big brother's descent into mad scientist territory as she attempts to change the world - and will likely destroy it in the process.

Kara realizes that Alex's deep need to protect her is why she keeps putting her life on hold, deciding to take a step back so that Alex can finally be free to pursue her dream of having a family.

The irony of Menagerie making an official debut at the Heart Association's masquerade ball is not lost on Brainy as the DEO gears up to stop a bloodbath. Nia decides that it's time to be a hero and flees to the ball as SUPERGIRL fights off the symbiosis duo. SUPERGIRL is THE ONE to disarm the duo, but Ben's son pops in at the last second to cut off the head of the snake Hydra style, much to Supergirl's protest that they could be brought in alive.

A pro-Agent Liberty rally starts at the site of the ball, completely ignoring the fact that the terrorist group made it ten times harder to take down the villain.

Alex has a realization that she doesn't need to protect everyone, even the ones she loves, and needs to accept that people are capable of protecting themselves. And it turns out that SUPERGIRL was indeed the best wing woman ever, giving Alex the number to the ex she never had time to call back.

We're left on the daunting note of Lena accepting Healey's offer to partner up and the President signing off on a loophole in the Patriot Act that allows Ben Lockwood to gain freedom from prison. While Menagerie receives a letter from Manchester Black, we see something slighter under her skin. It's clear that a lot more hearts are going to break this season.

Photo Credit: The CW

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