BWW Recap: RED BAND SOCIETY Resets as 'Coma Boy' Explained

All right Stranger Friends, we have made it to Episode 5 of the RED BAND SOCIETY and FOX is sticking with it so far, even with ratings that are lower than expected. If you picked this episode to start watching, or if the studio heads need a reminder as to why to keep this show on the air, this was the perfect episode. Octavia Spencer reminds us that she is in fact an Oscar Winning actress, and shines so bright in this episode, I had to wear shades. I knew we would find out why our series narrator, Charlie aka Coma Boy, got into his current condition, and I was really hoping it could change his name to something cool, like Motorcycle Dude, or Rock Climbing Kid. No such luck.

The Men in Black, no, not the alien chasers, the HMO Insurance Police, have arrived to assess Charlie's status, and see if he should be moved from acute care to a more long term facility. This brings his mother, whom we have never seen, to the hospital, the same time the dad is coming for one of his regular guitar serenading visits. Nurse Jackson intercepts Charlie's dad in time, and she begins to think of the night she was working a double shift and Charlie first came to Ocean Park Hospital.

We have seen Nurse Jackson show some hidden compassion for the kids under her care before, but as I said, Octavia Spencer brings it up a couple notches this episode. She not only takes on the Men in Black, but Dr. McAndrews as well, trying to convince them all that this is the best place for Charlie. She also has to admit to Charlie's mom that she has been allowing his dad to visit, even though she knows about the custody agreement. (Who am I to be judgy, but as the scene plays out leading to Charlie's car crash with his dad at the wheel, shouldn't we put a little of the blame on Charlie's mom for not wanting to leave the party with them in the first place?). She makes a promise to Charlie as he is going into surgery that she will be there when he wakes up, and in an ending that is sure to have regular fans talking until next week, she will go to extreme measures to make sure that happens.

Remember how I said before that it looks like Ruben, the hypochondriac hippy, was gone? I guess they needed another episode to wrap it up, or I am just the worst at knowing what the writers are thinking, because he's back to give some of his prized possessions to the kids at Ocean Park, as he has had an "EAT, DRINK, PRAY," kind of vision, and is heading off to India. Of course this is all a great set-up for a very awkward driving lesson with sexual tensions flying high between Leo, Jordi, and Emma, in Rubens fancy convertible.

There was some set up in this episode for high stakes drama next week. After being iced out of the conversation in the car by Emma, Leo tries to apologize afterwards, which leads to some serious fireworks, both in explosive anger and to an explosive, and unexpected, kiss. Jordi witnesses the kiss from afar and all bets are off on a friendly rivalry between him and Leo, as he takes Emma's hand up on the roof, in front of the rest of the RED BAND SOCIETY.

Did anyone see the alliance between Dash and Kara coming? Those were the last two characters I thought would be chewing some scenery together. Of course they are working together just for the benefit of their own needs, but they have the same sort of chemistry together that Kara and Emma have in their "frienemy" relationship. By the way, 10504 Wilshire Blvd. is a real address in L.A., with a roof across the street that looks like the helipad from the show, (check google maps). Of course it is a Jewish Temple and not an apartment building, and they actually shoot the show in Atlanta, but hey, who says I don't provide good useless trivia answers.

Again Stranger Friends, I think this episode was a new beginning for the show in terms of writing quality and acting. I have been on board with them all along, but last night's show really drew me in. An interesting side note was that there was no disclaimer at the beginning of this week's episode. I ranted last week that I believed the rating for mature subject matter, was part of what was turning off the viewers who may not have seen an episode yet, and didn't understand that it was a dramedy, and the rating could be inferred as mature due to being about these poor sick kids. This show is about growing up, and living life, and the caretakers that make sure that happens, in both a funny and serious way.

This Weeks Quotes:

"I have people who care about me, but unfortunately those people believe that Cancer can be cured with farm animals."
Jordi, explaining why he needs to make his own medical decisions, to the Social Case Worker helping him with his emancipation.

"Don't you just have Cystic Acne or something"?
Kara to Dash, asking what kind of transplant list he is on and why

"You should know more than anybody, that we don't make promises here".
Dr. McAndrews to Nurse Jackson about her promise to Charlie

Questions of the Week:

Is Ruben off on his vision quest to India for good?
Will Emma choose Leo or Jordi next week?
What was in that blood sample Nurse Jackson put in the cooler?

Kudo's to those that are sticking with RED BAND SOCIETY with me, and I hope you will add your own comments about your thoughts, down below. You can always tweet me on Twitter at @LeftofStr8 or any of us at @BWWTVWorld. You can also read my Recap/Reviews for MADAM SECRETARY every Monday morning here at BroadwayWorld. Until next week Stranger Friends...........

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