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BWW Recap: It's a Tip of the Hat and a Wag of the Finger on THE MINDY PROJECT

What happens when a devout Catholic boy from Staten Island has to confess to his Priest that not only is he living with his girlfriend, but they're having a baby? The answer is easy; the priest dies. Because that's how things go down on THE MINDY PROJECT.

Dear, sweet Dr. Castellano is afraid he killed his priest by confessing all of his "sins" right before the elderly man dropped dead. However, his fears heighten when the replacement priest is a boy from the old neighborhood, Father Michael O'Donnell. (Guest Star, Stephen Colbert) Father Michael went through it all before he got his calling to serve the Lord (and holy moly what a great monologue about his journey), but he has since become a staunch conservative. And his biggest gripes with Catholics are premarital relations and interfaith relationships, in other words, Danny and Mindy. In a desperate move, Danny tells his old friend that Mindy is Catholic to attempt to get on his good side. Mindy invites the good Father over for dinner all the while texting Morgan to feed her Bible verses and trivia.

Morgan meanwhile, is Jeremy's prompter for his one man show, "An American Tale." (He has never heard of Fievel...) During the performance when Morgan is distracted, he creates a scene trying to leave to help Mindy accidentally setting Dr. Bergdahl's "hair" on fire and creating the sprinklers to go off causing an evacuation of the theater.

Mindy successfully convinces the Priest that she is a good Catholic girl worthy of Danny, but in the end is sad and almost offended that she has to pretend to be something she's not. Danny finally comes to this realization when Father Michael discovers the baby sonogram and Danny just doesn't want to lie about his son. See, Danny didn't confess everything to him, because he doesn't feel guilty. He's actually very happy. Upon hearing this, Mindy decides she wants the baby to be raised Catholic and begs the Father to let Danny stay in the Church. With regular church visits on the horizon, Mindy decides to watch Jeremy's show so she can practice how to sit through boredom for an hour.

I know for Dr. C, the Catholic hump was a huge one for him, so for him to not feel guilt about his unborn son is a huge step for this couple. And for Mindy to concede that the baby can be raised Catholic is a great compromise. It's almost as if these two were meant to be.

I don't know if it is possible to see the entire version of Jeremy's one man show, but I would like at least one ticket please. Anything that Morgan is a Coach for, I want to be a part of. Can we talk about Beverly just sitting there smoking in the theatre? Man, I love this supporting cast. But I still miss Peter.

We are winding down to the final few episodes of the season (I hope not series). Are we going to see Danny Jr. before the season ends? Still no real sign of pregnancy, I just don't know how it will happen without a time jump. So nice to see Stephen Colbert again even if only briefly. Your nation misses you.

Lines I Love:

  • Jeremy - See, THIS is the problem with this country; no respect for the arts. That's why you have to come crawling to us for your Lincolns and your Batmans.

  • Mindy - I know that the church frowns on masturbation. But what is their policy on hot tub jets?

  • Danny - I was thinking we should change churches. What do you think about The Immaculate Heart? Dot - That's for Puerto Ricans! What's Communion, chips and salsa?

  • Mindy - The New Testament? There's a sequel to the Bible, but not to GONE GIRL?

  • Jeremy - I've never been this humiliated in my whole life. This was meant to be my love letter to America. But it ended like every love letter I've ever written; with the authorities being called.

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Photo Credit: FOX

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