AMERICAN IDOL Recap: IDOL Game Changer Can't Prevent Major Elimination

AMERICAN IDOL Recap: IDOL Game Changer Can't Prevent Major Elimination

AMERICAN IDOL Recap: IDOL Game Changer Can't Prevent Major Elimination

Oh boy! Tonight's elimination episode kicked off with Ryan Seacrest teasing a "shocking twist" that none of the idols will see coming. After last week's absolutely not-shocking "shocking" elimination, I was more than a little weary of trusting Ryan. Next he said that each finalist will have a difficult decision to make. I wasn't sure if this would actually end up being "game-changer" or just another in a long line of IDOL swerves.

Before the announcement of the twist, it was time for a Thursday night hoedown. After Harry Connick Jr.'s disappointing set and the disastrous "I Luh Ya Papi" from Jennifer Lopez, it was finally Keith Urban's turn to take to the IDOL stage. He sang his new single, "Good Thing," which reconfirms my nickname for the Aussie, Keith Mundane.

When Seacrest finally got around to the twist, it turned out that it was a game-changer after all, as it is something that has never been done on the show before, but it wasn't all that crazy or revolutionary. As I figured, Ryan announced that the conetestants would have the choice about whether or not there would be an elimination this week. They each got a vote, and it had to be unanimous. If they collectively decided against an elimination, two would be sent home next week.

After a commercial for the finalists to deliberate, Ryan did his best Jeff Probst impression while reading the votes aloud, and, much to my surprise, the vote was 3-2, meaning the finalist with the least amount of votes would be going home after all (or did Ryan only say the final vote was a "No" to prevent hard feelings backstage? Oh the drama! Oh the intrigue!)

Safe (in alphabetical order)
Jena Irene
Caleb Johnson
Jessica Meuse
Alex Preston

Sam Woolf

Sam's elimination song might be his best of the season. He finally appeared to have some personality and freedom to go along with the melody that sat in the sweet spot of the upper part of his chest voice. I think Sam will have a nice, mid-level recording career, and he will spend the next decade breaking hearts in medium-sized venues across the country; which is better than many other former idols.

So, what do you think about this week's "Game changer"? Who do you think were the two that voted No? Are you comfortable with the Top-4? Let me know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter @BWWMatt.


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