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zzzahara Shares New Song 'Bulletproof' With Mareux

The track was released alongside a new music vide.

zzzahara Shares New Song 'Bulletproof' With Mareux

Rising Los Angeles-based queer guitarist and songwriter zzzahara shares a new song, "bulletproof" featuring Los Angeles-based musician and producer Mareux, alongside a video. The new track is taken from their forthcoming debut album as a solo artist, out later this year on Lex Records, and follows the first offering "get out of la." More music from zzzahara is imminent.

"'Perfect Girl' had been on repeat for me all of last year," zzzahara says. "One day I decided to reach out to Mareux to record in the studio and he was down. It was his first time ever in a music recording studio so it was nice to be able to open a different world for him. Watching Mareux play synth was wonderful, he had so many melodies. When we overlapped our voices for the chorus, it was just dark, powerful, and moving. I am beyond happy for the turnout of 'bulletproof,' we wasted no time on the last day at the studio, and I'll never forget how hard we both worked on this for hours upon hours. In this process I found a great friend and someone I shared a lot in common with and I'm so happy that we met."

"Working with zzzahara on 'bulletproof' was a life-changing experience," Mareux says. "I'm very stubborn in collabs but I felt zero frustration this time. From the start everything flowed so naturally. I think we played off each other's strengths and this is obvious if you listen to the song. Z understands all the nuances there are to writing emotional and romantic music and they are very detail oriented like myself. 'bulletproof' is a song that you can listen to over and over again and still find new elements."

Born to Filipino and Mexican parents and raised in Highland Park where they still reside, zzzahara is the moniker of queer songwriter and guitarist Zahara Jaime. Growing up in Los Angeles, they felt disconnected from Southern California's predominantly straight white male rock scene and discovered making music as a way to process the experience of living in an ever-gentrifying city.

They became the touring guitarist for Eyedress aka Idris Vicuña in 2018, which spawned the collaborative duo The Simps, who released their Siblings LP earlier this year. Following their solo debut EP Simp.Wave in 2021, zzzahara signed to Lex Records and put the finishing touches on their forthcoming debut album, a collection of songs about queerness, love, lust, absurdism and feeling lost that trace their stylistic and emotional evolution from childhood through present day.

Watch the new music video here:

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