VIDEO: Ginger and the Ghost Premieres 'One Type of Dark' Music Video

Sydney-based experimental-pop duo Ginger And The Ghost have premiered their eagerly anticipated new music video "One Type Of Dark" via NYLON Magazine. Check out the video below!

The innovative duo are uniquely weaving their way into the future of music by placing equal importance on visual and musical elements. They hand-make their own sets and installations for each show, using found objects, textiles and projections to create an atmosphere of fantasy, color, and movement, immersing the audience in their dreamstate world.

In Ginger's own words: "One Type of Dark" is a story about my inner child's imagination. As she leaves a subconscious dreamstate in bed, she floats out of the window and into thoughts of otherworldly places. Questions with infinite possibilities are asked while visions of herself play out fantastical adventures across far away galaxies. It's a celebration of our imagination and the importance of keeping it.

On December 18th Ginger And The Ghost's "One Type of Dark" and "Where Wolf" will be released as digital singles through InGrooves/Fontana and available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all digital retailers worldwide.

"One Type of Dark" recently premiered on The Wild Honey Pie and is the first official single from the band's upcoming debut EP, out Spring 2013. The yet-to-be-titled EP will also feature remixes by prominent artists. The band previously released a teaser single and video called "Where Wolf".

As musicians and visual artists, Ginger and the Ghost have transformed imagination into song. Hiding away in a converted cement water tank studio in the northern New South Wales hinterland, Ginger And The Ghost found the freedom to create. Driven by the idea of writing and recording in a spontaneous way, they utilised whatever tools were at hand to shape their sound. From bicycle wheels to body percussion, their music is driven by instinct, intuition, and an innate sense of trust in each other.

Whether it's through seeing their videos, hearing their music, or experiencing their live show, Ginger And The Ghost draw you into their creations with their striking imagery and visual-music style.

VIDEO: Ginger and the Ghost Premieres 'One Type of Dark' Music Video