Transient Songs Releases Single 'Idle Hands', 1/8; Album FOREIGN ROOMS Out Feb 2013


Transient Songs releases their sophomore album "Foreign Rooms" in February 2013. This is a follow-up to the 2010 debut release "Cave Syndrome". The album was met with strong regional press and scored a "Best of What's Next" section in Paste Magazine.

For this second release singer-songwriter John Frum has evolved his solo effort of "Cave Syndrome" into a new song writing collaboration with Shunk, Piña & Loeffler. The result is a delicate hypnotic back-beat inspired journey fused with simplistic rich guitar interplay. The single "Idle Hands" will be released on January 8th.

Texas native Jon Frum's Transient Songs began in 2008 as a Seattle recording project with Kansas transplant Andy Gassaway (from the critically acclaimed Lawrence band The Pomonas). Frum spent his formative years playing in the Texas bands Hasslehorse & Hagfish respectively. During an isolated northwest winter they completed their first hazy psychedelic EP "Plantations to Your Youth".

In May 2010, Transient Songs released their first LP "Cave Syndrome". The albums lush vibe benefited from the adornments of cello, violin and more introspective lyrics. The album was met with strong regional press and scored a "Best of What's Next" section in Paste Magazine.

Frum was ready to showcase the album live and after securing Texas native (UK raised) Ian Piña on drums, the project soon evolved into a three piece band. The band then morphed once again as Dayna Loeffler, who also fronts the ethereal Seattle band Half Light, joined the fray adding touches of pedal steel while also switching bass duties with Gassaway. Frum then recruited Michael Shunk on guitar whom he met before recording Cave Syndrome. The foursome of Frum, Piña, Loeffler & Shunk solidified the new chapter of Transient Songs as Gassaway headed for the sunnier skies of San Diego.

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