The Mynabirds Release of BODY OF WORK 7 Today

Just finishing up a month-long tour alongside A.C. Newman, The Mynabirds announce today's November 20th release of their limited-edition, colored BODY OF WORK 7" on Saddle Creek.

The 7” is available here, and the tracks will additionally be available at iTunes and all digital outlets. Only 1,000 copies of the randomly colored vinyl will be available, featuring the standout track “Body of Work” from their 2012 critically acclaimed album GENERALS, and paired with the previously unreleased “In the Mouths of Wolves.” The record will be housed in a 4-panel jacket that can be folded into an origami wild horse, representing the idea of transformation instilled in the title track.<

“’Body of Work’ is a reminder of our absolute power to reimagine, redesign, and transform our lives at any given moment into something we enjoy to the utmost, something that’s wholly and fully our own,” says Burhenn. “We are not victims of the past, but artists who can shape it into the most brilliant form imaginable; we are living things, bodies of work to edit.”

The previously unreleased “In the Mouths of Wolves” is sonically different from the songs found on the album, replacing the stomps, claps, and sweeping full spectrum orchestrations with a slower, more spacious feel reminiscent of Bon Iver’s recent work. Despite these differences, the ideas of revolution within oneself and being the change you want to see in the world fit perfectly with the spirit of GENERALS.