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The Foxies Share 'Overrated' Ahead of Album Release

The Foxies Share 'Overrated' Ahead of Album Release

The Foxies recently announced the September 23 release of their debut LP.

Nashville power-trio The Foxies recently announced the September 23 release of their debut LP, Who Are You Now, Who Were You Then?.

Today, the band is thrilled to share the third single from the album and its accompanying video, "Overrated," which examines the emptiness of seeking viral fame.

The undeniably catchy new song follows on the heels of the already-released, euphoric "Headsweat" and cinematic "If Life Were a Movie." Their full-length debut is the sound of a band boldly embracing their wildest and most unpredictable impulses.

The band is also excited to announce some upcoming U.S. tour dates, including a festival headlining stop in Knoxville, TN and an appearance at their native Nashville's local festival Live on the Green. Full list of dates below.

Speaking on "Overrated," the band reflected on the song's themes: "This whole 'social media thing' is a tricky one because on one hand, it's so important to the arts and entertainment industry, but it seems poisonous to actual art... We didn't become musicians to be relevant, we became musicians because we love music and we love making stuff. The necessity of the social media/internet presence is enough to suck your soul if you go deep enough into it. During the heat of the pandemic, it really rocked our mental health because we weren't able to actually be onstage and share our music, so all of our energy went into what we were posting online. It felt contrived and meaningless."

They continued: "This song is an admittedly cynical look, but we believe it one hundred percent. This world we've created that revolves around your prowess online is a really easy way to be a flash in the pan, to get too much of a good thing. It's like a cake with too much sugar. It's TOO sweet. In a matter of days or weeks, you go from being an instant success or an exciting new toy, to being obsolete and overrated. Explosions, by nature, are loud and bright and quick. Even though that sounds fun and cool, we're looking for something that's going to last."

Watch the new music video here:


August 4th - Dayton, OH - Levitt Pavilion Dayton (Free show)

August 27th - Knoxville, TN - Sunset on Central (Tickets)

September 2nd - Nashville, TN - Live On the Green 2022 (VIP Tickets)

In a thrilling new chapter for Bullock, Ohlbaum, and drummer Rob Bodley, The Foxies expand on the dizzy abandon of their acclaimed 2020 EP Growing Up Is Dead, harnessing the explosive freedom of punk while endlessly turning out pop-perfect hooks. An up-close look at self-discovery in a chaotic world, Who Are You Now, Who Were You Then? ultimately matches its visceral impact with bluntly poetic yet heartfelt lyrics-the type of irreverent truth-telling sure to inspire countless tattoos and recklessly scrawled bedroom graffiti.

A decidedly DIY-minded band, The Foxies co-produced Who Are You Now, Who Were You Then? alongside a revolving lineup of collaborators in Los Angeles and Nashville, often laying down tracks in their own home studios. In bringing the album to life, the trio took a cue from pop iconoclasts like Prince and David Bowie and dreamed up a singular sound by alchemizing their eclectic mix of inspirations: new wave and glam-rock, post-punk and grunge, left-field hip-hop and the weirder edges of the pop world.

But despite its rule-breaking originality, Who Are You Now, Who Were You Then? remains rooted in The Foxies' timeless sense of songcraft-a crucial factor in their rare capacity to transform pain and frustration into songs that radiate an irrepressible joy.

Over the last few years, The Foxies have released a steady stream of EPs and standalone singles, in addition to bringing their high-energy live show to a 2021 tour with rock-and-roll legend Billy Idol. And with the arrival of their most dynamic body of work to date, all three members feel more driven than ever when it comes to fulfilling their mission as a band. "The thing that's always bonded us is our passion for creating music that connects with people," says Bullock.

"With this album we hit every emotion: it's got the deeper tracks that really hit you and give you chills, and then the songs you just want to scream at the top of your lungs when you're driving down the PCH. I always want our music to give everyone that rush of emotion, but most of all I want people to feel seen and feel heard-I want them to feel like we've gone through all the same experiences that they've gone through, both good and bad, and to know that they're not alone."

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