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That Kid Unveils 'Superstar' Mixtape Ahead of Elsewhere Debut

That Kid Unveils 'Superstar' Mixtape Ahead of Elsewhere Debut

The EP features 13 new tracks.

Singer-songwriter That Kid has been at the forefront of the hyperpop scene since making his official debut in 2018.

The irreverent Twitter charisma and indelible melodic songwriting of the Denver-based artist have led to collaborations with names such as Slayyyter, Ayesha Erotica, umru, and underscores, amassed him millions of streams, and endeared him to fans transfixed by his vibrant, Y2K bubblegum pop sound.

Now, That Kid is unveiling Superstar, the follow-up mixtape to last year's Comedown EP and his 2020 breakout mixtape Crush. The 13-track package is inspired by topics such as Las Vegas, popstars, pornstars, and socialites, and appropriately adheres to garish, pop maximalism while entrenching the artist further into uncharted musical territory.

Tying its tracklist together through pervasive imagery of bright lights and steamy encounters, Superstar is That Kid's most sonically and conceptually cohesive project to date, a seamless listening experience that introduces a newfound vividness into the artist's interior world.

Fans got their first taste of Superstar with July's "Full Throttle" single, a darkly funny club-pop banger produced by torr (founder of the webcage collective). Next was August's "DRY2WET," which maintained a brooding nightlife aesthetic by surrounding its atmospheric club beat with characteristically sensual lyrics.

The intimate, mature vibe of Superstar continues on tracks like "Naked," a song that underlies its simple concept and brash humor with wholehearted sincerity.

"Even if we're in your parent's basement/I don't care, I just wanna see you naked," That Kid sings passionately, imbuing his blunt statement with a sense of vulnerability and romance in a way only he knows how.

Superstar is both a bold representation of That Kid's singular artistic vision and a collaborative mixtape that showcases his penchant for choosing strong features and producers. The project's title track, for example, is a vibrant, futuristic pop song featuring singer-songwriter Bayli (who's written for artists ranging from Jesse McCartney to Giveon). It's also a classic That Kid experience: With blazing synths and thumping drum patterns. "Superstar" resembles classic pop/R&B tracks from the 2000s but with a decidedly modern contextualization.

There's also "Thelma & Louis," a biting, back-and-forth rap-off with trans vocalist and Internet personality Chase Icon. "Unworthy," a brooding, metallic soundscape with deep, infectious basslines, features a verse from frequent-Dylan Brady collaborator Tony Velour (who also produced the track).

On "Down For Whatever" (produced by Jack Laboz, who's worked with María Isabel and Alice Longyu Gao), That Kid enlists New York-based pop vocalist Miss Madeline for an imminently catchy, triumphant track. And "4EVER," a glitchy, breakbeat-filled banger, features K-Pop artist BÉBE YANA (formerly of the girl group EvoL), while "Room 369" is a psychedelic, digital track with Tama Gucci (who previously featured on the That Kid song "Captain").

On "Red Light," That Kid brings on ascendent singer-songwriter/producer underscores to craft the track's bombastic, luminescent beat (and complete the sixth collaboration between the two artists, following "Skater Boy," "Look At Me," "Boost Mobile," "Mile High Club," and "Santa Monica"). And Wyatt Bernard (who's worked with Jean Dawson and spill tab) comes on for the production on "Heaven," the second song between him and That Kid ("Cobra").

Superstar returns That Kid to his vibrant, retro-2000s take on contemporary pop, and retains his elite melodic sensibilities, personable sense of humor, and distinct Internet-inspired presentation. But it also sees the artist evolving his sonic palette by incorporating new aesthetic, thematic, and tonal explorations. Superstar is That Kid's most holistic work to date.

Listen to the new EP here:

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