THE GITAS Premiere 'Beverly Kills' Music Video with Yahoo! Music

Los Angeles-based edgy rock trio THE GITAS yesterday (1/11) partnered with Yahoo! Music to premiere the music video for "Beverly Kills," the lead single and title track fromtheir upcoming full-length album, BEVERLY KILLS.

Click here to watch the wickedly seductive "Beverly Kills" video. Due outFebruary 17,the albumshowcases their explosive brand of rock that has soul and swagger, with hints of grunge, punk, pop and heavier elements. The 13-track album will be released digitally and physically on CD in addition tovinyl. Pre-order is now available for BEVERLY KILLS here.
Praising the band, said, "...the trio has evolved into a rising force with their soulful rock. On this tune ['Beverly Kills']...the band's chutzpah is on full display. Bouncy guitars combine with modern rock sensibilities to create a track that's radio ready, which doesn't even take into account its smart lyrics. (November 30, 2016)" THE GITAS' founder, guitarist and vocalist Sasha Chemerov, originally from the Ukraine, notes, "'Beverly Kills' is a song which shows how everyone in the world is a consumer. The band is laughing at them and also crying because of how people are so blind and living an illusion filled with greed and jealously."
THE GITAS--Sasha Chemerov (guitar and vocals), Brittany Macc(drums) and Sal Ramazzini (bass)--formed and released their debut EP Garland in2015. BEVERLY KILLS takes on a deeper theme, withHinduismundertones throughout starting with the opening track "Mantra" that highlights expressive sitar work. The album's artwork showcases imagery of Kali, the goddess of material illusion, who then reappears in the album's title track, which is in fact a hymn to the Hindu goddess.
Coming on strong following the above-mentioned "Mantra" is the hard-edgedand adrenalized track "4 Free," underlining the band's ability to compose music with multiple movements and dimensions. AnotherBEVERLY KILLShighlight is "Magic," a dynamic and melodic rocker with powerful guitar licks and drum fills to match.
"'Magic' is a song that encourages people to go out and learn something useful that can change them for the better," says Sasha. "Let's get together, get some real knowledge, raise our voices and the magic will follow." Immediately following is "Sharks Of Disharmony," a heavy mid-tempo track that "is about a person who had been constantly manipulated by politicians and is finally crying out and going against all the lies and promises he's been told by the crooked governments," notes Sasha. "The song is a call to action for all those who are sick of being used and are ready to fight against the corruption."
Track listing for BEVERLY KILLS:
"4 Free"
"Beverly Kills"
"The Decadence Of Laura Palmer"
"Check Out The Violence"
"Thai Food"
"Femme Fatale"
"Sharks Of Disharmony"
"Not Alive"
"In Between"
"That's All I Do"

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