Rising Electronic Sensation Ivy Hollivana Shares New Album

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Rising Electronic Sensation Ivy Hollivana Shares New Album

Today marks the release of Dear Deathwaters, rising electronic sensation Ivy Hollivana's full selection of the sounds of "breakbeat pop" - her own term created to describe her one-of-a-kind sound. To see this concept in action, take a look at her brand new video for the album's title track, created by Jel (aka Jel: The Digital Dream Girl), which encapsulates her otherworldly vision with imagery that calls to mind both the past and the future.

Perhaps Ivy's most defining trait is her timeless vocal style, which takes clear inspiration from such disparate sources as opera and 80's house music. With a voice that is somehow airy and full at the same time, Ivy floats effortlessly above idiosyncratic percussion inspired by footwork, drum & bass, house, and just about any other genre of dance music there is.

"Dear Deathwaters represents the distillation of years of post high school emo phases. It's my little embarrassing rabid wolf child that I want the world to love. I enjoined reaching into a broken brain and spinning an electronic pop album out of it," says Ivy.

Her devotion to emulating and contributing to these sub-genres has earned her cosigns from heavyweights such as Froyo Tam and DJ Earl (Teklife), the latter of which is set to perform during her album release party tonight at Grumpy's in Orlando.

The music video came together collaboratively, Jel explains. "Ivy called me up with a video concept they had for one of their tracks, We both worked out exactly what we wanted in the video one morning, and it became this story of a robotic angel bound in chains trying their best to escape and eventually fighting back."

"I was inspired by pre-rendered cutscenes of the PS2 era, especially the game Final Fantasy X. I wanted to work with that look in mind but also wanted to give it a more dream-like and ethereal aesthetic juxtaposed to the harshness of the video's narrative."

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