Pop Ingenue Chase Wants 'Closure' On Her New Song

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Pop Ingenue Chase Wants 'Closure' On Her New Song

Pop newcomer Chase wants answers in her sugary sweet single "Closure". Hailing from Southern California, the rising star addresses the harsh realities of the unknown when it comes to love and letting go. Following up her smash song, "Old Habits", Chase is taking the industry by storm with her heartfelt lyrics, mesmerizing voice and radio friendly songs. Her TikTok received praise from media outlets including Buzzfeed. Written by Chase, George Steele Hall, Marcus Leroy Miles and produced by Jetpak, "Closure" is available now via all digital streaming platforms.

"You used to be my only. You used to be my home. You used to pick up every time I called you on the phone," sings Chase over tinged xylophones and warped vocal stabs. From the first ten seconds of listening to "Closure" its clear Chase is over her teenage angsts. However, the "art" of moving on proves to be more of a challenge for the singer-songwriter as she confesses failure is not an option.

"I think not wanting to end or to finally want closure is a normal human feeling and it can correlate to a relationship, friendship...anything," states Chase. "I chose to take a romantic approach and base it off me not wanting to get closure from a guy I was in a relationship with. I didn't write it inspired by one specific person but more about a bunch of different experiences. Rather than getting closure, I just wanted to get closer."

Being new to the music industry comes with its own experiences. As an emerging Pop artist and full-time college student Chase is learning to juggle the studio and her studies. Chase hopes to be an example for younger artists to pursue their education while pursuing their passion.

"I want my music to mean something to people. I want it to be something people can relate to and think to themselves 'this is exactly how I feel,'" says Chase. "With 'Old Habits', people have told me how relatable that song is to them and honestly, I couldn't ask for more. I make music because it's what I love doing but hope people love it as well. With my musical career, I want to leave the message that you should pursue what you really want."

"Closure" is the first single from Chase's forthcoming EP. If the saying is true that when one door closes another one opens then Chase will be finding many open doors in her near musical future.

Listen to "Closure" here on Broadway World: https://open.spotify.com/track/1YMtfK71n4ufQk7a6MJ4Sy?si=kwz6tB7gQCmuIQoyyXVw3g

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