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Naika Releases Debut EP LOST IN PARADISE PT. 1

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Naika Releases Debut EP LOST IN PARADISE PT. 1

World-pop singer-songwriter Naïka's debut EP is out now. Lost In Paradise, Pt. 1 is the French-Haitian singer's debut and will be the first of two EPs to be released this year. Together, they take the listener on her personal journey through self-discovery and inner growth. Part 1 tells the story of feeling lost on this journey -- navigating through insecurity, instability and feeling lost in one's own skin. Part 2 will celebrate arriving at a place of confidence and security -- a personal oasis...Paradise.

"My dream is to bring people together through my music," says Naïka. "I want to shatter stigmas and to encourage human connection that goes beyond religion, ethnicity, and gender."

Naïka heralded the arrival of Lost in Paradise, Pt. 1 with the release of the song, "Vultures." The song was joined by an official companion video, streaming now at the Miami-born, Los Angeles-based artist's official YouTube page. "The stunning visuals and carefully constructed characters portray Naïka's complex inner struggle," raved LADYGUNN in its exclusive video premiere, "and eventually, she finds a way to come to terms with it."

In June, Naïka announced the premiere of "African Sun." The song was joined by an official lyric video, streaming now. Sung in both Haitian Creole and English, the song was written by Naïka as a celebration of her Haitian roots after last year's massive series of anti-government protests and commemorates Haitian Heritage Month.

"In May, we celebrated Haiti," Naïka says in an exclusive Audiofemme feature published last week. "The history of the country was a pivotal influence in the Western Hemisphere - Haiti was the first successful slave revolt in the world; ​the only slave uprising in history to end with the foundation of a new country.​They overthrew the colonizers and became the first black independent nation in 1804. Because of this, they were ostracized by the rest of the world for fear that they could influence slave revolts in the rest of the Caribbean and the New World. Since then, the country has experienced trials and tribulations, but the people still maintain their strength, spirit, and liveliness through it all."

Naïka has already earned acclaim and attention for her distinctive fusion of sounds, a sonic approach she describes simply as "world-pop." Born in Miami, the gifted singer-songwriter fell in love with music at an early age, absorbing inspiration from her French and Haitian heritage as well as her family's wide-ranging travels around the globe, from Guadeloupe to Kenya, from South Africa to Vanuatu and beyond. Indeed, the influence of African, European, and Caribbean cultures has shaped her both as an artist and as a citizen of the world, evidenced by her hugely popular cover of the Haitian classic, "Papa Gèdè (Bel Gason)," as well as recent tracks like "Oh Mama," "Déjà Vu," and the worldwide streaming hit, "Ride."

International applause has already come from such publications as Germany's MYP Magazine, which wrote, "Naïka wants to add more color to her favorite thing in the world: pop music...Blessed with an incredible voice, she is free of pretension and seemingly doesn't have a boring bone in her body." "Naïka isn't a typical American pop artist," declared Frontrunner. "She's here to bring her own sound...and maybe even do it in French."

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