Musician Nick Dean Releases New Single, 'How Did We?'

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Today, Nomad Group drops Nick Dean's new single, "How Did We?," placing him in a class of contemporaries such as Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Ed Sheeran. "How Did We?" is available now on all streaming platforms, including Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify.

Co-produced and co-written by Nick and longtime collaborator Mike Miller, Nick's inspiration for the song is simple. He says, "There's ironically something memorable about the nights you don't remember." The recording's Top 40 sound supports an infectious pop melody and Sheeran-esque lyrics like, "You're trying to find a way out of here with me but we're falling to our knees. If I could only find out what was in-between..."

The release of "How Did We?" presents Nick Dean embracing his tenure with X Factor and Global Entertainment while strongly asserting his new creative vision. That vision was partly molded by his adventures via motorcycles spanning the globe, photography and videography projects that led to vital content contributions to Audi, Away Travel and SubPac marketing campaigns, and recent video work with Ryan Riback's "One Last Time" lyric video.

Nick Dean is an alternative-pop singer/songwriter/producer and filmmaker. His early years were unconventional-living and traveling abroad, creating music, and having the freedom to exist on a "road less traveled." When he was 5, Nick's family abandoned the typical American lifestyle for a simpler one in the South of France. The family settled in the small, rural farming village of Vernègues, where they immersed themselves in the local language and life. During their years abroad, Nick traveled extensively across North Africa, Central America and Asia, where his mother laid the foundation for a humanitarian organization she would later create. Discovering his passion for music early on, Nick capitalized on this wide range of audiences, finding his way onto small stages in local bars in Cuba and Costa Rica. When he was 8 years old, Nick became a lead soloist with a renowned, internationally touring boys choir in France, traveling around Europe and Guadeloupe/Martinique.

Nick's parents eventually decided to move the family back to the United States, settling in Rochester, N.Y. Having grown up in a cozy, rural school of 100 pupils in Provence, the now 11-year-old, French-speaking boy found it difficult to adjust to public school life. Preferring a freer, foreign life of homeschooling on the road, he jumped at the chance to join his family on a four-month humanitarian journey through Southeast Asia. Back in his comfort zone, Nick taught himself to ride a motorcycle, strapped his guitar to his back, and played for audiences in orphanages, hill tribes, rural schools and bars in northern Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Upon returning to the U.S., Nick continued to be homeschooled, committing himself fully to music. On weekends, the young teen could be found playing at the local public market. It was in Rochester that Nick met his current collaborator and co-producer, Mike Miller. At the age of 14, Nick auditioned for Season 1 for The X Factor USA, making it to the final 12 of the show. In 2013, Nick moved to Los Angeles, where he continued writing music and began learning the art of production so he could create his own sound. After brief stints in a few developing bands, and as the youngest signed producer/songwriter for Global Entertainment USA at age 18, he found his career going in the wrong direction. He decided to start again, from scratch. To earn money, he worked in the stock room at a clothing store in Santa Monica, where he began connecting with a band of innovative, local content creators. Nick took a page out of their books, widening his radius as a creator through video and photography.

Throughout those years, Nick craved a return to the nomadic life, no doubt born from his unconventional upbringing. He began spending his time exploring new places on his motorcycle, both in the U.S. and overseas, all the while growing as an artist, photographer, and videographer. In a short period of time, Nick found himself shooting content pieces for the likes of Audi, Away Travel, and SubPac. He reconnected with Mike Miller, and the two began working on a new musical sound, all co-written/produced.

Young and ambitious, Dean fell in love with his unique brand of 360 art form. Staying true to his ultimate goal, he began using his talents to launch his own career as a recording artist, funding his project via his work with brands and projects for other artists.

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