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Moon Walker Shares New Single 'I'm Afraid I'll Go to Heaven'

Moon Walker's sophomore album, The Attack Of Mirrors, is due out October 21, 2022.

Moon Walker Shares New Single 'I'm Afraid I'll Go to Heaven'

Brooklyn-based alt-rocker Moon Walker shares his dark, synthy single, "I'm Afraid I'll Go To Heaven," along with a surreal, bartender POV, The Shining-inspired music video below.

The up-and-coming rock band finds brand new ways to marry sarcasm with legitimate political commentary, like only the greatest rockstars do. Plus, Moon Walker's sophomore album, The Attack Of Mirrors, is due out October 21, 2022 and available for pre-order now here.

Formed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Harry Springer created Moon Walker initially as a way to pass time and make extra money through selling songs to sound libraries. Today, Springer composes, produces and performs under the moniker after Moon Walker's debut album, Truth to Power, turned the heads of several tastemakers and garnered hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify.

Westword called Moon Walker's work, "Fuzzed-out 70's rock bliss...politically charged rock music with a sound akin to the White Stripes. Lyrically, the songs are confrontational and sarcastic." New Noise Magazine encouraged listeners to, "Envision a beautiful marriage between The White Stripes, The Talking Heads, even Wild Cherry...there's a depth to Moon Walker's music fueled by an old-soul feeling."

In true Moon Walker fashion, they find humor in darkness as they sing, "I'm afraid I'll go to heaven / That's why I'm hoping that I'm right / My biggest fear ain't no red Devil / It's being near you people all the time."

Never too shy to make a statement, "I'm Afraid I"ll Go To Heaven," drips with 70's nostalgia and strikes a precise, unique balance between sarcastic and sincere. Describing the single, Moon Walker explains, "A dark, heavy, synth-led instrumental acts as the soundtrack for the vocals. The lyrics are a biting commentary on religion as it pertains to our modern political system."

The video, inspired by The Shining and directed by Madison McConnell, sees Springer-donning a tan checkered suit and bright red blouse-sitting at a bar, often from the surreal perspective of the bartender. McDonnell adds, "The "I'm Afraid I'll Go To Heaven" music video was inspired by the bar scene in Kubrick's "The Shining". We used close-up shots to show emotion and perspective and tried to capture a looming feeling that something was off."

Moon Walker gushes about the video, "This is my favorite music video I've ever made. Madi had the idea to base it heavily off of one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies, which I think was brilliant. It also gave me specific references to base my performance off of, which is great if you suck at acting, like me!"

Moon Walker's highly anticipated, biting sophomore album, The Attack Of Mirrors, finds the musician elevate his nostalgic, alternative garage rock sound over ten eclectic tracks. Springer expands on the poignant, timely lyrics and the thrashing garage rock sound that made his first offering such a success, while also introducing multiple new elements into the fold. With his second LP, Moon Walker recognizes his growth, explaining, "On 'Truth to Power,' I really just played to my strengths," Springer says. "Write a guitar riff, a bass line and drum part, and double the guitar. I approached things the way you would on an eight-track, when you've got limited resources and limited space." Where Truth to Power may have employed a "less is more" ideology, The Attack Of Mirrors sees Springer favoring a more experimental, maximalist approach. The results are an undeniably exciting, thought-provoking and well-rounded record that will be as rewarding to hear for the 100th time as it will be on a first listen.

The bold, synth-rock track, "I'm Afraid I'll Go To Heaven," out everywhere now, along with its surreal video, sees Moon Walker expand on his punchy, cheeky sound to bring listeners into a brand new world of Moon Walker. Find Moon Walker on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and stay tuned for The Attack Of Mirrors, out October 21, 2022 and available for pre-order now.

Watch the new music video here:

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